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Achieve Easy to Clean Home with This Furniture Arranging Tricks

When you think about furniture arranging, most probably some modern furniture brochure pops up in your mind. These magazines’ pages are full of innovative ideas and home environment which make us dream. It always seems like every single item, no matter how big or useful it is, is just in the right spot, just where it belongs to. We cannot help but think about how easy and maybe pleasant it would be to clean such well organised and tidy home?


However, looking at these outstanding homes, pictured on the pages and succeeding in providing your own home with such cleanliness, are two completely different things. Do not worry, we can help you achieve the same effect by simply following our ideas and tricks. The best thing is that you do not need no interior designer to come and help you or to pay through your nose. Let us help you have your dream home, not only on the pages of such catalogues but in front of your eyes as well.

Making it easier


Many people believe that bigger properties are easier to be organised. Well, it is not exactly like this. Smaller homes  are cosier and easier maintained. This is because their owners are doing their best to use every free area possible and occupy every prospective storage space. You are wondering where to put all of your books, for example? Why not on shelves, placed over the TV? This way it will be way much easier to view them and to dust them, which we presume is every housewife’s wish. Tidy and dust-free.


If your bedroom is a small one, why do not you use some hidden storage zones? Try to store your belongings in a bag or a basket and just put in under the bed. This way, your room will even look bigger and your belongings will be dust and grime free.

In order to make your home look bigger and spacious, avoid furniture with too many details. Cleaning such can be very time consuming and back breaking. You can spend this time by doing activities which are way more urgent or pleasant. When it comes to quick and efficient tenancy cleaning, neutral colours are your best choice. Light colours give the impression that the home is stylish and better maintained. Place mirrors in your home, to visually expand the space.

Arrange the things

To be sure that arranging your furniture will ease the cleaning process, follow our advise. If you want cleaning to be enjoyable activity, avoid placing couches next to walls. Make sure to leave enough space between the couch and the wall for the vacuum attachment. This way, not only the vacuuming will be easier, but the space will appear bigger.  Another thing you need to take into consideration when arranging, place chairs and tables in way that will not block reaching from point A to point B. Also, moving all the furniture out of your way prior to cleaning will definitely make dealing with the cleaning task way much easier.

When it comes to hoovering, the floors are also of great importance. If you’d rather have fluffy Persian carpet rather than simple hardwood flooring, then you are complicating your life to the fullest. Imagine that you drop a glass of wine on the ground? Which type of flooring will be easier and better cleaned? Stick to the simplicity! Especially when speaking of furniture and floors.


Furniture arrangement can change not only your entire home’s way of looking but it will also help you clean it easier.

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