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Beneficial Makeup Tips and Tricks for Older Women

When women become a bit older, the makeup mantra adopted by them when they were in their 20’s and 30’s is a big No-No! The eccentric makeup of old times will not be adequate in enhancing their appearance. It should be kept in mind that as woman get old, her skin texture changes and her complexion becomes wrinkled, tad dull and sun-damaged.

The mantra that an old woman should chant is “Less is More” and she should aim for a classic look that screams vintage and elegance. What women do not realize is that wearing quirky makeup makes them look more old than usual. There are various tricks which can be assimilated into daily routine by aging ladies, which could help them look youthful and elegant.

The current article will give tips as to which makeup would suit best for older women and help them utilize their natural beauty.

Trick 1- Falling in love with your Skin is vitalskin care

The first thing that a woman should do before anything is make sure that her skin is in a healthy and over-the-top condition. Reason being that you would require minimal manifestations of your aging signs via makeup if you have a really good skin. Keep your skin as much hydrated as possible and exfoliate it as much as you can to get rid of hideous dead skin which usually makes your skin appear dull and ashen. If you take this tip at heart, you could successfully keep concealers, lip balms and mascaras at bay.

Trick 2- Plump up your lips with the plumperlip

As you age with time, your lips usually become thinner. This is a common occurrence which shows itself as you get old. To make the lips look pouty and plump, apply lip gloss. You can apply a lipstick on your lips (preferably few shades darker than the color of your lip) and finish off the touch by adding a dash of shiny lip gloss on it. Remember that red shades usually make lips appear fuller than the light lipsticks. If you want your pout to last much longer then use over-the -counter plumpers which comprises of collagen booster. Enjoy your pout!

Trick 3- Stay aloof from Dark Shade Lipsticks as much as you canavoid dark shade lipstick

Avoid extremely dark lipsticks unless you possess dark textured skin and pouty lips, as dark shades makes you appear more aged. Go for colors such as red (rosy) and subtle pinks which would suit your age the best. If you are unsure which color would suit you the best, seek professional advice. Do not abstain from going bold by trying on bright colors which can bring out your natural beauty. Avoid dark shades if you have super thin lips. Just go with the flow and choose the shade which flatters your skin the most!

Trick 4- Eye Pencils are in, resist yourself from using Liquid Eyelinersuse eye pencil

Liquid eyeliners usually tend to be harsh on the eyes of an aging lady. Eye pencils are much subtle than the liquid eyeliners. To make your line even more softer, smear it with your fingers or a really good makeup brush to give your eyes a smeared look. If you have really small eyes, refrain from applying pencil in the inside of your eyes as it would make your eye look smaller.

Trick 5- Your eyes should be the Center of your Universemake eyes center of universe

The way a fireplace is considered to be the nucleus of a living room, try making your eyes the nucleus of your face so that it distract other people’s eyes away from the wrinkled contours of your face. Amplify your eye color by using eye shadows which tend to make your eyes look spectacular. If you have brown eyes, opt for eye shadows which are blue or even gold. If you have blue eyes, copper and gold color eye shadows would surely make your eyes look distinguished and gorgeous.

Trick 6- Embrace Highlighters as well as Illuminatorshighlighters and illuminators

Nobody trusted in highlighters when they first hit the market few years back. But now a lot of women bask in the glory of using highlighters as they have successfully eradicated aging years from their face. It usually lifts and aging woman’s faces and make her look more youthful and attractive.

Trick 7- Keep a Distance from Flamboyant Makeuptoo-much-makeup

As mentioned previously, for aging women less should be more with respect to makeup. Instead of piling up heaps and heaps of foundations, super dark gloss and lipsticks, eyeliners and mascaras, women should opt for highlighters, subtle lipsticks, eye shadows and moisturizers so as to help them shave off some aging signs from their faces. If you wish for a complete makeover to look more youthful, add some bangs to your look in order to appear more refreshing and young.

Trick 8- Curl up your Lashes all the waycurl eyelashes

What better than to use a wand of good mascara to make your eyes look bigger, brighter and sparkling with elegance. To add more curl to your lashes, simply blow dry on the curler for few seconds and then set upon curling your eye lashes. Do not desist from using eyelash extensions if you have thin and scarce lashes.

Trick 9- Blossom with a Dash of Blush on your Cheeksblush on cheeks

Majority of women use blush incorrectly and end up looking like a harlequin. When applied with care, a dash of blush can brighten up your otherwise ashen appearance. The only thing to bear in mind is that it should be applied in such a manner that it blends well so it isn’t apparent that you have applied blush.

Trick 10- Under Eye Dark Circles scoot awaydark circles

The biggest challenge which an aging woman has to face is jostling with the dark circles under the eyes which can be quite troublesome. Use a good eye cream at night to cover up these wearing dark circles and use a good concealer when applying makeup.

The key to looking youthful when getting old is strive to be as natural as possible. The ethereal beauty of yours in its simplicity can. enhance your beauty tenfold and make you look like an always beautiful diva.

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