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125+ Best Cat Tattoo Ideas! Meow :)

The modern society is beginning to embrace the present day tattoo culture. This is quite amusing to behold because those who have tattoos can now freely flaunt their love for body art without any worries. You have the freedom to express yourself in any way you want to. However, you still have to consider your own culture, whether it’s okay to be that bold in expressing yourself or not. Nevertheless, you are still the only one who can make the decision whether to get tattoos or not.

Both men and women are getting tattoos lately. Among the most favorite designs are cat tattoos, flower tattoos and Mandala tattoos. If you are planning to get one for yourself, then it would be best to research about tattoos more. This way, you will know the meaning behind every symbol and design used in each tattoo. Although tattoos are also popular for fashion purposes, it would be great to use tattoos to express something you can’t say in words.

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Types of Cat Tattoos

As mentioned earlier, cat tattoos are among the most popular tattoo designs today, especially for women. Cat tattoos are naturally charming and adorable designs. These designs are so adorable you probably couldn’t resist them.

Here are some of the most amazing cat tattoos you can have today:

Black Cat Tattoos

  • Black cat, or often known as Cat Silhouette tattoos, is one of the simplest yet most elegant animal tattoo designs today. Some cultures believe that black cats are friends with witches. Cats like witches are often associated with supernatural powers. Although there’s really no concrete basis for this, many people still believed it and actually respected black cats because of it. When you get this kind of tattoo, it’s like indirectly suggesting that people should never mess with you and should pay you the proper amount of respect due. It’s actually a cool design that will make you look cooler.

Winged Cat Tattoos

  • Winged cats are highly popular design during the ancient times. Its history dates way back during the times when people were worshiping cats. Many people believed that cats were actually the connection between humans and spirits, and that they are the messengers of the spirits. The wings on the cat are symbolic of their role as messengers and as creatures compared to angels. Hence, the inclusion of wings in the illustration.

Cat Eye Tattoos

  • Among the designs listed here, Cat Eye tattoos are probably the most captivating. Cats own scary yet amazingly colorful eyes. When you look at cats, the first thing you will notice is the eye. It exudes a fierce aura that will make you think twice before approaching it. They have eyes that glow in the dark and pupils that dilate very quickly. This is one of the many reasons why people are afraid of cats. However, behind those seemingly angry eyes, cats possess lovable characteristics that will make you fall in love with them in an instant.

Cat Paw Tattoos

  • This tattoo design is more common in the Asian region. Cat paws symbolize prosperity and success, especially in the Chinese culture. There are people who really don’t want to get a tattoo design with the entire cat’s body in it, so they only use their paws instead. In all fairness, it’s quite cute to have a cat’s paw tattooed somewhere on your body. It’s also a symbol of inner strength and power.cat tattoo      

Meaning of Cat Tattoos

Each type of cat tattoo embodies different meanings. In addition, cat tattoos are mostly personal so their meanings solely depend on the wearer of the tattoo. Usually, people get tattoos that can best represent their personalities and characteristics. If you happen to think that you have some qualities like that of a cat, then that’s more than enough reason to get it as a design.

The meaning of cat tattoos could also differ based on the culture or location of the wearer. For example, in Asia cats generally symbolize prosperity. Japanese people originally used cats as symbols before the Chinese did. The prosperity cats are common in stores and businesses to help attract money and more customers. If an Asian gets this kind of tattoo, then it’s probably for prosperity and wealth purposes.

Cat tattoos are symbols of strength and femininity. Many people believe that cats have nine lives. However, this is not really true. Before, people thought that cats had nine lives simply because they don’t die easily. Even when cats fall or jump off from a high place, they have the ability to recover quickly. This is one of the reasons why people use cats to symbolize strength and resilience.  If you have this kind of tattoo, then other people will see you as a strong person.

Ideal Placement of Cat Tattoos

You can put cat tattoos anywhere you want, as long as it’s the right size for the chosen body part. The placement of your tattoos plays a great role in sending off the message you are trying to convey. If you want to be bold enough and let everyone know what you want to express, then you can place your tattoos on body parts that are usually exposed. This could be your hands, arms or neck.

You can also put your cat tattoos on concealable body parts so you can hide your tattoo whenever necessary. This is for people who want to keep it low key. Although the majority of the population already embraced the idea of having tattoos, there are still conservative people who might judge you because of it. If you are not confident enough about having a tattoo, then you can put it on your thighs or on your back, where only a few people get to see.

Cat Tattoos Preparation Tips

Getting cat tattoos is just like getting any other tattoo design, so you only need to know about some basic preparations before going to the tattoo shop. The first thing that you need to do is to finalize the concept and design of your tattoo. If this is your first ever tattoo, then there wouldn’t be too many problems with the concept because you don’t have to follow previous tattoo designs. You can actually put whatever design you want, wherever. On the other hand, if this is just an additional tattoo, then you should choose a design that will naturally fit in your existing tattoos.

The next thing you need to prepare is yourself. You need to get a good sleep the night before your scheduled tattoo procedure. This will help you feel more relaxed and less nervous during the procedure. You also have to feed yourself before going to the tattoo shop because this will help you get by the entire procedure without passing out.

Average Service Cost and Standard Prices of Cat Tattoos

Cat tattoos can be simple or complex, depending on how you want it to be. For simple tattoo designs, like the black cat, you only need to spend around $50 – $100. This average price is applicable in both rural areas and big cities, unless you want to get your tattoos done by internationally acclaimed tattoo artists.

For complex and multi-colored cat tattoos, you probably need to spend around $150 – $250 per tattoo. This is quite a deal already because some tattoo artists even charge an hourly rate for complex tattoo designs. As much as possible, go to a local tattoo shop in your area with great artists, because that will help you save a lot bucks.

Maintenance Tips after Getting Cat Tattoos

Maintaining your tattoos is actually harder than getting it. Tattoos have the tendency to fade over time and you can’t stop that from happening. However, you can delay the fading process by taking care of your tattoos properly.

The first thing you should remember is that you should keep your newly acquired tattoo clean. Since the skin will have wounds after the procedure, you have to keep it clean to avoid infections. This will help your skin heal faster. As much as possible, don’t rub too much on the area where your tattoo is and just let the skin fall off naturally to prevent the wounds from scarring.

You should also remember to moisturize your tattoo every now and then, for the first few weeks after the procedure. You must only put a small amount of ointment or anti-bacterial cream for it to work best. Drowning your tattoo on moisturizer will never yield good results.

Lastly, you must not overexpose your tattoo to the heat of the sun. When you stay under the sun for too long, you are putting your tattoo’s color and skin at risk. The heat of the sun can burn your skin and it can make the fading process a bit faster.

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