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32 Mesmerizing Women Tattoos

Women have always loved to be in vogue for eternities now and they could go to any ends to stay at the top in the fashion fraternity! Be it clothes, accessories, shoes and even tattoos, women want to be the ace at all times. And now with such beautiful tattoos …
Fashion Tattoo

24 Volatile Grenade Tattoo Designs

Who loves war? Nobody does and now you can express your feelings against the war by getting yourself inked with a grenade tattoo. These tattoo designs are also sported by soldiers all around the world. But at present times this tattoo is being inked by people who want the world …
Fashion Tattoo

25 Engrossing Celtic Cross Tattoo Designs

Tattoos are what you are. They represent you and your personality to the outside world. People usually judge you by getting a good look at the various designs and symbols inked on your body. There are various creative designs available in the tattoo market at present. The most famous amongst …