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7 Weird Looking Birds That Can Make You Flinch

Although nature is full of beauty, colors and some cute, adorable species, it has its own share of ugly looking animals too. When we talk of birds, the first image that comes to our mind is that of a free, cute, adorable creature that means no harm. However, the below …
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10 Best Facial Tattoo Designs Ever

Face tattoos have been in trend since before time now, since the time when tribesmen used to get their faces tattooed in order to make themselves differentiate from each other. Tattoo inked on a face usually makes a person stand out in the crowd and is said to be the …
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10 Best Maori Style Tattoos Ever

There are various designs that tattoo lovers all over the world opt for to get inked with. Maori tattoo designs are becoming a rage amongst tattoo fans since quite some time and are gaining great momentum steadily but strongly (when first brought to New Zealand). There are quite few people …