Celebrity Mug Shots: Movie Stars

When I began gathering celebrity mug shots for this post, I expected it to be just that – a post. As my collection grew, however, it became apparent that this was no single post story. Instead of one very long post, I decided to split the whole thing up into a few different categories and dedicate one post to each category. First up, we have the movie star mug shots. Featuring the likes of Robert Downey Jr., Mel Gibson and a whole section dedicated to Lindsay Lohan, these celebrity mug shots should keep you going until I post my next list – television star mug shots. Make sure you come back for that one!

Amanda Bynes Mug Shot 2012

Amanda Bynes was arrested for DUI in April 2012 after she allegedly attempted to pass a parked police car, instead smashing into it. Since that time, the list of charges have grown as the result of several different incidents involving dangerous driving and possible DUI. As I write this, there is only one Amanda Bynes mug shot but I fully expect that to change in the coming months. I hope I’m wrong. I really like Amanda. I hope she figures it all out and gets her life back on track.

Shia LaBeouf Mug Shot 2007

I didn’t think it was possible for mug shots to be adorable but the above mug shot of Shia LaBeouf – taken in November 2007 following his rather bizarre arrest for misdemeanor trespassing after an apparently intoxicated LaBeouf refused to leave Walgreens after being asked to do so by a security guard – really makes me think otherwise. Those big eyes, blurry as they are, kind of look like those of a puppy who has just peed on the floor. He knows he’s done wrong but will you please love him anyway?

Kiefer Sutherland Mug Shot 2007

When Kiefer Sutherland was arrested for DUI in December of 2007, it was pretty clear he was going to spend at least a little time in the slammer, celebrity or not, considering the arrest marked the the DUI infraction for the 24 star in only three years. He wound up serving a 48 day sentence and has since managed to stay on the right side of the law. In the world of celebrity mug shots, I’d say Kiefer made out pretty well. His mug shot almost looks like it could be a publicity shot if only the camera work was a little better.

Haley Joel Osment Mug Shot 2006

While returning from a concert in LA in his 1996 Saturn in July 2006, Haley Joel Osment got into an accident that left him with minor injuries, a DUI charge, a marijuana possession charge and a brand spanking new mug shot. I think Haley actually made out pretty good in the mug shot department. He doesn’t look like a total mess which is always a plus is the world of celebrity mug shots.

Macaulay Culkin Mug Shot 2004

Speaking of child actors, Macaulay Culkin, best known for his work in the Home Alone series, was picked up in Oklahoma in September 2004 following a traffic stop on charges of possession of a dangerous substance (sleeping pills and Xanax – neither of which he had a prescription for). He was taken to jail but released a short time later on a rather low $4, 000 bond.

Hugh Grant Mug Shot 1995

Let’s put this one in the oldie but goody category. This is a classic in terms of celebrity mug shots. When Hugh Grant was arrested for misdemeanor lewd conduct following his late night encounter with hooker, Divine Brown, the world was shocked. Charming, handsome Hugh Grant hooking up with a hooker? The same Hugh Grant that was engaged to gorgeous Elizabeth Hurley? Hugh’s mug shot quickly became one of the most recognizable celebrity mug shots but Grant recovered from the scandal beautifully by taking responsibility for his actions. I can think of a few other celebrities on this list who should really take a page from the Hugh Grant playbook.

Matthew McConaughey Mug Shot 1999

While Hugh Grant’s hooker dalliance was certainly surprising, very little comes close to Matthew McConaughey’s October 1999 arrest when it comes to WTF arrests. Matthew was taken into custody after police officers in Austin, Texas received complaints of loud music coming from McConaughey’s house. They arrived to find McConaughey dancing around his living room buck naked while playing the bongo drums. He was charged with marijuana possession, possession of drug paraphernalia and disturbing the peace. The drug charges were eventually dropped but he did plead guilty to a violation of Austin’s noise ordinance, resulting in a $50 fine for the actor which he no doubt paid, presumably with the change he dug out of his sofa cushions.

Nicolas Cage Mug Shot 2011

From the sleepy eyes in this April 2011 mug shot, one has to imagine it’s been a long, hard night for Nicolas Cage. The story of the arrest is a little confused but let me do my best. Apparently, after a nice out with wife, Alice, Nicolas got lost while trying to return home. Not able to figure out which house was his (not kidding – look it up), he began arguing with his wife and apparently put his hands on her in a not so loving way. Cops were called and Cage was eventually booked on charges of domestic abuse and disturbing the peace. Bizarre.

Woody Harrelson Mug Shot 1982

Yet another bizarre arrest story to share, this time from Woody Harrelson. Woody was only 21 when he was arrested in Columbus, Ohio for dancing in the middle of a busy road and trying to run away from the cops back in October of 1982. He didn’t wind up in the slammer for his impromptu dance performance though, instead paying a fine for the disturbing the peace charge. Hey, at least he was wearing clothes at the time.

Vince Vaughn Mug Shot 2001

If Vince Vaughn looks a little worse for the wear in the above mug shot (snapped in North Carolina in April of 2001), it’s probably because he was. Picked up for fighting in public following a brawl outside the Firebelly Lounge in New Hanover County, Vince really had a rough not. Of course, it’s also possible he was worried about his friend, actor Steve Buscemi (one of my personal favorite actors, for the record). During the fight, Steve, who tried to break up the fight, was stabbed several times and slashed in the face leaving a scar.

Carmen Electra Mug Shot 1999

Carmen Electra was picked up in Miami Beach for battery against her then husband, Dennis Rodman in November of 1999 and as a result, offered up one of the hottest celebrity mug shots of all time. Charges against Carmen were dropped as was her marriage to Rodman.

Jenna Jameson Mug Shot 2012

Speaking of sexy celebrity mug shots, here we have Jenna Jameson’s mug shot that was snapped following her May 2012 arrest for DUI. Jameson allegedly crashed into a light pole with her car after having a few drinks and getting behind the wheel. She suffered minor injuries in the crash but refused medical assistance, assuring responding officers that ramming poles was part of her job description. Okay, I made that last part up but when a porn star crashes into a pole, the joke has to be made. It’s practically law.

Katt Williams Mug Shot 2009

Well if this isn’t just the happiest looking celebrity mug shot I’ve ever seen, I don’t know what is. Look at that smile. Katt Williams is a happy man – not at all what you would expect to see from a man accused of a pretty serious crime. The above Katt Williams mug shot was snapped in November 2009 following his arrest on charges of burglary and criminal trespass. He was picked up after claims were made that Katt broke into a Georgia residents’ home and stole jewelry among other things.

Charlie Sheen Mug Shot 2009

Oh Charlie Sheen. Remember when “winning” was a thing? How about Tiger Blood? Charlie has always been a bit of an odd nut but that whole thing really took it over the top. It’s hard to believe he’s only had to pose for one mug shot though. I really expected to find more. This mug shot was taken in December 2009 after Charlie was arrested in Aspen, Colorado on several charges relating to domestic violence.

Repeat Offenders

Tim Allen Mug Shot 1978

Perhaps not as well known as some of the other celebrity mug shots that have made this list, this one is still awesome in its own unique way. In fact, this could possibly be my favorite celebrity mug shot and the reason for that is simple, and probably pretty obvious. Just look at that mustache! This Tim Allen mug shot dates back to October 1978 when he sold an undercover police officer cocaine – a large quantity of cocaine. The result? Two years in the big house. Tim’s trouble with the law wasn’t over yet though.

Tim Allen Mug Shot 1997

The above Tim Allen mug shot wasn’t nearly as awesome as the one from ’78, mostly due to the missing soup strainer. This one was shot following Tim’s May 1997 arrest for DUI. He plead guilty to the charge and was ordered to attend alcohol counseling and pay a fine.

Mel Gibson Mug Shot 2006

What can I say about Mel Gibson’s July 2006 DUI arrest that hasn’t been said a million times before? Absolutely nothing. This celebrity arrest is the stuff of legend at this point. From the anti-Semitic rant to the infamous “sugar tits” outburst, there have been few celebrities able to top this one. But focusing solely on the mugshot for a moment, I have to admit, Mel looks downright handsome in his shot, at least compared to some of the other celebrities on this list.

Mel Gibson Mug Shot 2011

Only a few years after his infamous DUI arrest, a much sadder looking Mel Gibson once again found himself on the wrong side of the law when he was arrested on charges relating to a violent fight with ex-girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva. He was convicted on misdemeanor battery charges and sentenced to three years probation, court ordered domestic violence counseling and mental health counseling, all of which resulted in this March 2011 mug shot.

Robert Downey Jr. Mug Shot 1999

Ugh – how much do I love RDJ? Such a talented, beautiful, bizarre man. I think what I love most about him though is the fact that he definitely has a comeback story for the ages. Not long ago, Robert Downey Jr. seemed destined for Dancing with the Stars – you know, that celebrity wasteland where only washed up/never quite were celebrities vie for their last shot at the limelight? What a difference a few years can make. The above Robert Downey Jr. mugshot was snapped in August 1999 while the actor was serving time after being convicted on drug charges. That stint in prison was, at the time, merely the latest in a long line of brushes with the law and it certainly wasn’t the last  mug shot the Downey Jr. posed for.

Robert Downey Jr. Mug Shot 2000

Yes, one year after the last mug shot was snapped, Robert once again found himself posing for police after getting arrested (once again on drug charges) in November 2000. This time the actor was picked up outside of the Merv Griffin Resort in Palm Springs, California. That wasn’t enough to convince him it was time to clean up his act though because …

Robert Downey Jr. Mug Shot 2001

Robert was once again busted on drug related charges only a few months after the last arrest, this time in April of 2001. Police picked him up in an alley in Culver City, California and took him in for suspicion of being under the influence. This arrest seemed to do the trick though. Today, Robert seems to be in a much healthier place in his life and hasn’t had another run in with the law since the 2001 arrest.

Andy Dick Mug Shot 2008

I apologize for not including a warning before this one because good heavens the image above is enough to give anyone nightmares. The worst part? This is only the first shot in Andy Dick’s mug shot trifecta. The only thing worse than the mug shot is knowing the crime Andy was arrested for is every bit as creepy as the mug shot.  Andy was arrested in Murrieta, California on drug related charges as well as charges of sexual battery. The victim? A seventeen year old girl. Apparently, Andy groped her and then exposed her breasts. Another day in the life for Angry Dick.

Andy Dick Mug Shot 2010

This may appear to be a kinder, gentler Andy Dick mug shot but the crime he arrested for is almost as awful as 2008’s underage girl groping. After performing at the Funny Bone comedy club in Huntington, West Virginia in January of 2010, Andy was arrested for felony sexual abuse. What did he allegedly do this time? Why groped two male patrons of the bar, of course. Andy Dick – equal opportunity sexual abuser.

Andy Dick Mug Shot 2011

Perhaps hoping to prove older does not necessarily mean wiser, an obviously aged Andy (seriously, how much older does he look in this mug shot compared with the one taken a year earlier?) was arrested at a restaurant in California on misdemeanor disturbing the peace charges in May 2011. At least he kept his hands to himself this time.

Nick Nolte Mug Shot 1961

Before we get to what may be the most famous celebrity mug shot of all time, let’s travel back in time to February 1961. Nick Nolte is but a twenty year old kid arrested in his home state of Nebraska for selling phony draft cards. He’s convicted and is given a five year suspended sentence. All in all, not a terrible mug shot though, is it? The young man looks pretty clean cut – has a nice button up shirt on, the whole deal. Yeah. Let’s fast forward a little bit, shall we?

Nick Nolte Mug Shot 2002

When Nick Nolte was arrested again, this time for DUI in the state of California, on September 11, 2002, he posed for what has become one of the most iconic celebrity mug shots of all time. The hair! The shirt! It’s all so over the top. When it comes to terrible celebrity mug shots his is most definitely one of the most memorable. I still love Nick though. How fantastic was he in HBO’s tragically short lived horse racing drama, Luck? I gotta say, it really seems to me that Nick was just having one of those days.

Lindsay Lohan Mug Shots

I’m going to end this post with Lindsay Lohan because really, how could I not? This young woman is an old pro at the celebrity mug shot at this point. Before I get into all that though, I want to make one thing clear. I love Lindsay Lohan. I think she’s talented and beautiful and I believe from the very bottom of my heart that with a lot of hard work and dedication, she can turn things around for herself. With that out of the way, let’s take a look at some of the visual evidence of the fact that the road to Lindsay’s big comeback is a long one.

Lindsay Lohan Mug Shot July 2007


Lindsay’s first arrest is arguably the one that got the ball rolling for the legal issues to come. The arrest came in July 2007 after police officers spotted Lindsay’s SUV chasing another vehicle at a high rate of speed. Cops pulled the SUV over and Lindsay was given a field sobriety test, which she failed. A later search of her clothing turned up cocaine. She was charged with impaired driving and cocaine possession.

Lindsay Lohan Mug Shot November 2007

This Lindsay Lohan mug shot was taken after the actress surrendered to authorities to serve a brief stint in jail relating to her July arrest. She served just over an hour in total but that wasn’t the last time that arrest would come back to bite her in the behind.

Lindsay Lohan Mug Shot July 2010

After violating the terms of her probation, Lindsay was once again sentenced to prison in July 2010 and this mug shot was taken after she surrendered to authorities to begin serving her sentence. Clearly, she’s mastered the art of looking good in a mug shot although the orange tan may be a little much.

Lindsay Lohan Mug Shot September 2010

Lindsay once again found herself in violation of the terms of her probation order after failing court ordered drug tests. She was taken into custody to await trial on the charges although she was later released. This is probably my favorite Lindsay Lohan mug shot if it’s possible to have a favorite.

Lindsay Lohan Mug Shot October 2011

Finally, we have Lindsay’s (hopefully) last mugshot, snapped after a judge revoked her probation after she failed to complete the required number of community service hours. While she was later released on bail, the sentence seems to have done some good as she seems to have straightened up, at least a little bit, since this shot was taken. Hopefully it stays that way. I really am rooting for her.

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