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Clear Drug Tests – Pass A Urine, Hair Blood and Saliva Test – The harmful Effects of Drugs in the Body

Why do adults use drugs? How does it happen to appeal to substances that are known to harm the body and shorten life? Sometimes, in the case of children and adolescents, curiosity or social reasons are the ones that lead to drugs.

You do not want to reject the drug or lose your friend or be rejected by the group you are part of. However, very often, there are well-defined personal reasons, as we can find them in the adult world, at any age.

Among these reasons are: fleeing from a world where you are not feeling well, taking refuge from a disagreeable domestic environment, dominated by strife and conjugal scandals, worries and problems at school or work; fear of failing (in a relationship, in a profession, in a school); the desire for love, warmth, joy, proximity and integration into a community where you finally find what you have been refused in your childhood or adolescent.

Another argument is the curiosity or the desire to be “cool” like the others in the group, “the desire to get something from life really.” After such fun, most will use products like the Clear Drug Tests brand, to remove drugs in their system.

How do we recognize a drug user?

First of all, consumers are tempted to resort to all sorts of things they would not have done before. For example, they steal money from the house, sell things that do not belong to them, evade, lie without a little fear and regret. Regret occurs later when the effect passes. Then the consuming person can experience: hallucinations, drowsiness, eyes are very red, enlarged or contracted pupils, nervousness, agitation, crying, depression. The consumer can be drawn to the face, have an “animal” look, show disinterest for sexual life, or vice versa. The consumer is negligent in his attire, rough in the language and uncertain in walking, he forgets very quickly, he has a stupid attitude (laughs senselessly). He may also have an appetite, especially for sweets or a lack of desire. He also smokes a lot, shows contempt for life, sometimes even suicides.

The problem of drugs is a great challenge for 21st-century education. In many cases, if it does not work efficiently, drug use and addiction are the paths to illness and the progressive loss of self. Signs are: weakening and eliminating the will, erosion of effective life and undermining an ordered activity of thought, plus body injuries.

Drugs and effects

Alcohol, frequently consumed and in excess, has consequences on the body. Brain injuries, liver disease, kidney damage, tremor, hypertension, sleep disturbances, paresis, illnesses of the pancreas, alcohol embolism (pregnant women), that is, the injury of the child in the mother’s body. Other drugs may also be: opium and its most crucial component, morphine, as well as heroin and other opiates, cannabis, marijuana, cannabis, LSD / halo alkaloids, cocaine and amphetamines, ecstasy and craft combinations of amphetamines, ephedrine, caffeine based on nutmeg oil – safflower oil).

All drugs share more health-damaging effects. These include: premature aging, irritability, agitation, continuous agitation, headaches, heart rhythm, stomach cramps, psychotic states, kidney and lung lesions, immune system weakness, developmental disorders in unborn babies, progressive loss of ego, that is, disorders of the Ego function and self-control at the body, soul and spirit level. You can go here for additional information.

FACT BOX: Tips for Parents

  1. Grow a relationship based on friendship and sincerity with your child, and you will be protected from unpleasant surprises. Communication must be the basis of your relationship.
  2. Please pay attention to what he consumes, because some drugs bear names other than real ones, their administration producing severe, sometimes fatal poisoning.
  3. There are no hard drugs or poor drugs or good or bad drugs.
  4. If your child wants to consume drugs, he is likely to succeed. It is preferable to find this promptly!
  5. You are the one who has to inform him early on the drug damage.
  6. The best thing you can do as a parent is to be an example. Children need to know from you what is the danger of administering medications in general without the doctor’s recommendation.
  7. Do not forget that alcohol amplifies the effects of the drug.
  8. You have to be aware of the child that each of his actions has consequences. Often these consequences affect their health or freedom. The law severely punishes even the urge to consume or provide drugs.

What do we need to know about drugs?

As a definition of the drugs we have, in the classical sense, that a drug is the substance which, being absorbed by a living organism, alters one or more functions. In a pharmacological sense, the drug is a substance not used in medicine, the abusive use of which may create physical and psychological dependence or severe mental, perceptual and behavioral disorders.

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