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Cute Tattoos: 25 Marvelous Shooting Stars Tattoo

Stars are something that have always held the avid interest of the human beings forever. Usually on a starry night we glance up at the sky and are awed by the beauty of the twinkling stars that hold our gaze for a long long time! And to add to the beauty of the stars are the shooting stars. When a pretty looking twinkling star zooms past the sky, we get surprised and happy! Many of us even start making secret wishes so that the shooting stars could fulfill them.

So the shooting stars hold a great value and beauty in our lives and hence are flaunted even on the body of us human beings! Stars suit everybody but look the best when inked on the body of a girl. Even men can get inked with shooting stars, but they should make sure to make the tattoo look more macho! Shooting stars look exceptionally beautiful when inked on wrists, back and ankles of the wearer. So listed below are few really to die for shooting star designs to inspire you instantly!

1.A Shooting Star on the Foot:shooting star on foot

As mentioned previously, the shooting stars look beautiful when zooming past your adorable feet. Enhance the beauty of your foot by getting inked with these pretty stars! Do not forget to wear an equally pretty footwear to bring out the beauty of your tattoo.

2.Cool looking Stars inked on the Foot:cool looking stars

When stars of various sizes appear at the same place, the effect looks simply gorgeous! Pair this tattoo with a sexy high heels and voila! Be the Cinderella wherever you go!

3.Shooting Star with the Music:with music

If you are in love with music and are an equally crazy fan of shooting stars, then you should definitely get inked with an adorable combination of these two things you love the most.

4.The Starry People in your Life:starry people

Do you have people in your life whom you love to death? Honor those important people by getting their names inked amongst beautiful looking stars. They would love you for doing so!

5.Traditionally inspired Shooting Stars:traditionally

The tattoo here is a traditional one which expertly shows a star with fiery tail. Hence this is a traditional star which would make you fall all over in love with it!

6.Stars with the Flowers:stars with flowers

What better tattoo design than combining two of the most prettiest things in the world- stars and flowers! Yes! Look adorable by getting this design inked on your body.

7.Stars on the Back:stars on back

What better place to get your stars inked on than your adorable back! Get this tattoo and attract people towards you the way flowers attract bees!

8.Bright Stars on the Foot:bright stars on foot

Give shine to your stars by adding great colors into the tattoo and bring them to live! The best place to have this tattoo inked is of course your pretty foot.

9.Star on the Middle Back:stars on back

Imagine a beautifully blue looking star shooting right across the middle portion of your back? How would you feel with such an awesome image printed on your back? Great of course!

10.A Shooting Star on the Shoulder:ss on shoulder

Another good place to get inked with a shooting star is perhaps your shoulder. These sweet stars look pretty when falling off your shoulders in such fashion.

11.Dark Black Shooting Stars:dark black ss

Ever heard of black colored stars? If no then it is good as something as uncommon as black colored shooting stars inked on your body would sure get you many appreciative glances.

12.Shooting Stars inked on the Lower Rib:lower rib

Flaunt the daring part present in you by getting shooting stars etched on your ribs! Also this is a good place to get hidden tattoos!

13.Stars on Fire:stars on fire

If you are a fiery and feisty person, then you should definitely go for this particular design! Set the world on fire!

14.Shooting Stars etched on the Hand:ss on hand

Now add a sparkle to your hand by getting an array of shooting stars on it. Also pay your respects to the people you love the most by getting their names etched too.

15.Shooting Stars on the Belly:ss on belly

Wear a belly chain in the form of these adorable looking chained stars and look as sexy as ever!

16.Customized Shooting Star:customized ss

Yes, you read it right! Now you can customize your very own shooting star just like the one shown in this picture! This kind of design would look the best when placed on your back!

17.Shooting Star on the Waist:ss on waist

Get a huge star tattoo placed on your waist and rest assured, several hearts would be broken on the way!

18.Tribally inspired Shooting Star:tribally inspired

Decorate your delicate wrist with this beautiful link bracelet of stars and be adored forever!

19.Ribs filled with Shooting Stars:ribs filled with ss

Instead of going for just a small portion of your ribs, now you can cover your entire rib with this awesome tattoo.

20.A Glow in the Dark:glow in dark

Now you can make your stars sparkle even when the lights are off by getting a glow in the dark shooting star!

21.Starry Belly:starry belly

Another beautiful example of how bright and colorful the stars will look when placed on your belly!

22.Star Dust Wishes:star dust wishes

Now get wishes on your hand via these glittery star dust sprinkled magnanimously on your beautiful hand. This is one great tattoo idea!

23.Stars up the Ribs:stars up the ribs

Now you can have beautiful and colorful shooting stars shooting speedily up your belly towards your ribs, like a fiery and speedy rocket! This surely would make many heads turn towards your direction!

24.Stars behind the Ear:star behind ear       

If you are unique in nature then show your uniqueness by getting inked with this pretty star right behind your ear! If you sport ear piercings, then this tattoo would surely add to the beauty of your piercings!

25.Starry Shoulders:starry shoulder

Get your beautiful neckline covered with cool stars that would surely make a good alternative to your usual accessories!

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