Do’s and Don’ts In Nail Care

Following nail care tips mentioned below will help you in maintaining your fingernails in a good condition.

Since our fingernails are obvious and convey about our personality to people whom we meet, it is important that we take some time and make ourselves aware on how to take care of them properly.

Do’s while taking care of nails

1. Drink enough water daily. It is good for your overall health and a hydrated body is adds to healthy nails. Cracked nails may be the sign of dehydration.

2. Apply varnish remover before applying any nail polish. This takes off any grease situated on the surface and provides additional life to the nail polish, so ensure that you do this no matter you have old nail polish on your nails or not.

3. Vitamin supplements are very essential, so take them on regular basis. Vitamins B12, E, C and A are very important. Apart from these, zinc, iron, protein, folic acid and calcium will help you in avoiding white stains on nails and stop nails from getting brittle.

4. Use a top quality buffer once in a week, but not more than two times in a week. Make sure not to do it too firmly and not for too long to avoid the damage to nail. Just a gentle buff just before applying nail polish can help you in preventing the nail polish from peeling out because of uneven or rough surface on the nail.

5. Use a gentle or soft file instead of an emery board. Emery boards can be very rough and harm the nail unless you use it properly with care. It is better to use soft nail file and wash it on regular basis for repeated use. Never go for metal nail files.

6. Wear gloves while doing any work that needs hands to be absorbed in water or in some chemicals. It is better to use gloves with cotton lining so that your hands remain dry. Moist environment is often prone to fungus.

7. Pay attention to the cuticles of your nails, constant use of moisturizing cream prevents the cuticles from getting dry. Ungroomed and overgrown cuticles can affect the nail growth adversely.

Don’ts Nail Care

1. You should never file forwards and backwards as this can lead to splits in nails that get even bad if water penetrates when you wash your hands. You should always use one way stroking action with a file gently and patiently.

2. Don’t use nail files in the corners of the nail as this can make them weak and make them more exposed to breaking. Nails should always in oval shape, pointed nails break easily.

3. Filing nails when they are wet is not good, make sure you file them when they are dry.

4. Avoid using varnish remover and reapply nail polish more than one or two times in a week. Choose a varnish remover that includes moisturizers to prevent nails from drying out.

5. Never make use of your nails to scratch rough surfaces, removing staples, digging into something or picking at an object. Take time to search for a tool to do the job and avoid damaging your nails.

6. Manicuring the cuticle over and over is not good as it can harm them leading to overgrowth and thickening.

7. Never cut the cuticles or use sharp or metal objects to press them back. Buy the appropriate tool to do the job. Hold the tool or an Orange stick at an angle and push the cuticles back gently without affecting them. Using a cuticle remover at first will help you in doing the job quickly and avoid any damage that might occur to the skin.

Nail care tips mentioned above need some dedicated time and effort and some small investment to acquire the essential professional tools. But, once you buy them and get used to nail care routine, the advantages will make all your efforts worthwhile.



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