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Essential Moving Tips for Hiring Movers – What To Expect and The Things To Avoid

If you go with hiring a professional moving company to handle your migration needs, you can be quite confident in their ability to do an excellent job. These are experienced people who have accumulated years and years of experience packing up and transporting all sorts of things. Take a look at this useful article to learn how to recognize a good quality moving company.

They will know how to strike the balance with all your boxes, not making them too heavy and not overloading on pointless paper stuffing either. In fact, nine times out of ten, they make packing look so easy that they will have you wondering why you decided to hire outside help in the first place. Moreover, they will listen to you when you point out some items that require special care. They will address your concerns calmly and rationally, and will answer any questions you have along the way.

In the interest of saving both them and yourself some time, though, we have put together a list of some of the most common concerns when dealing with hired movers, and some advice on how to handle them.

What are they doing to your floors?

Protecting them, in short. Movers will typically start their work by covering your floor with some sort of protection, in order to prevent any damage from hauling around bulky furniture, heavy appliances like refrigerators, and the like. For some handy advice on how to protect your floors when you are moving, check out this web page:

Why are they all working in different rooms?

To save some time and work more efficiently. Most often the movers team will split up into different rooms, so one person may be packing up the kitchen, another the lobby, another two a bedroom each and so forth. Keep in mind that they will only mark the room from which the box or carton comes on its lid or side. If you want individual items listed on the packaging, you will have to do that on your own.

How are they packing everything up so quickly?

To put it bluntly, they are able to do it because they do not care about these items anywhere near as much as you do. Of course, this is not to say that they will treat them roughly. Since this is the property of their client, they have to be careful with how they handle it. However, movers share none of the fuzzy feelings and memories that tend to slow us down when we are sorting through our things in a move (or a big spring cleanup session).

Moreover, since you are the one who decides what is coming along and what is being left behind, they merely have to go ahead and pack everything in sight. For this very reason, you have to clearly define and separate the “bring” and “leave” piles before packing day, and then remove the things you will not be bringing from the home – and out of everyone’s way. If you keep changing your mind about it, it will end up costing you way more down the road.

Will any of your belongings be damaged?

No, as a rule, they will not. The very best perk of hiring professional packers and movers is that they have the training, skill, and experience necessary to wrap everything up safely and properly balance the positions of items within a carton. Of course, various different circumstances may still result in some damage to your items, but if you have hired a reliable moving company, you can rest assured that whatever happens is not due to human error.

How do they know what to pack up and what to skip?

In the simplest term – they have no idea. How could they possibly know? This is your home, not theirs, and your movers, being outsiders, will not even try to do divination about what is a precious heirloom or a piece of trash. They will pack up your home exactly as they find it when they arrive on moving day.

Therefore, remove all the trash, magazine archives, charity donations, and dusty packs of old newspapers out of sight and out of the way. Also empty your household maintenance appliances like the dishwasher, the laundry machine or the laundry drier. Your movers will not go scouring through them.

Also remember to single out any items you intend to take along on your person or in your own vehicle. Set aside a closet or a separate room for them and mark it something clear and concise like “going with us”, “do not pack these”, or something similar.

There are, however, some items that your hired moving team will never pack up, even if you leave them standing in plain sight among all the boxes, with a bright sign that says “wrap me up”. Click here to learn more about that.

Do you seriously need to be there with them the entire time they are working?

Yes. Yes, you do. There is no two ways about it; if you are taking this seriously, you will be there to amicably oversee it. More importantly than keeping an eye on the hired hands, however, you need to keep a closer one on your pets and children, especially the small ones. Having them running around the packers and getting underfoot can slow things down to a crawl, not to mention it being an extremely unsafe distraction for all involved.

Someone might accidentally step on your child’s foot or your dog’s paw, or provoke the cat to wreak bloody mayhem on someone’s face. The parts that go loose during disassembling and packing furniture and appliances are a choking hazard for animals and smaller children, and are excruciatingly painful to step on.

To save them some injuries and save everyone time and serious stress levels, make sure that the kids and critters are busy elsewhere.

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