Five Gift Ideas to Give Your Significant Other on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a special time for all of the couples out there. It also ends up being a time that creates more stress than relaxation in some cases. “Some cases” being when you can’t decide on what to get your significant other as a gift. It seems every day of the year you think of so many things you could get them—then their birthday or a holiday comes along and you draw a blank. Here are some gift ideas that will save you from worrying this Valentine’s Day:

A Surprising Gift on the Wilder Side  

Life itself is too short to play it safe! Take some initiative and buy something a bit wilder than usual like some fun sex toys. This is a great way to spice things up and maybe even try something new. You could invest in a Kama Sutra book that the both of you can explore together or simply purchase something fun to wear for the bedroom. Where there’s lingerie for her, there’s bound to be something special for the men as well.

If you fall short on any ideas or would like to start someplace ‘tamer’, have a quiet night in after dinner with 50 Shades of Grey, perhaps that could start the conversation going and help the two of you achieve something that you’ve never thought of before. There is no better gift than one that you can experience together, so consider something in this realm as a Valentine’s Day gift. 

Keep It Simple With Chocolate or Flowers  

Everyone likes flowers and chocolates. This gift idea is overdone for good reason, but honestly, chocolate and flowers are impossible to overdo. Head to the local flower shop and pick out some roses and local chocolates. Your significant other will love you even more for it. Attach a cute note and call it a day with this gift.

There’s no reason that only the women should be the ones receiving sweet treats and a bouquet of flowers. Pamper your man and surprise him with some bright blooms and make Valentines impossible to forget – be the first to do something out of the ordinary and he will most definitely remember you forever.

Everyone Loves Shoes  

Christmas gift? Shoes. Birthday gift shoes? Valentine’s Day? Shoes. Seriously—nobody gets tired of some fresh kicks. From corporate wear to dressier shoes and high range Yeezys, it’s important to understand the person you’re shopping for. This would be a test to see if you understand their tastes and can pick out something they love.

Once you’re confident you’ve picked out something they will treasure, it’s time to look for some deals. Don’t just go to the first retail store that pops up in your head, try out ecommerce sites that have great shoe deals. Be a smart shopper and scope out Instagram influencers or Youtubers who might have a coupon code for their fans to use. If you buy shoes at this rate, there must be some discount codes, membership programs or coupons to help lessen the cost. 

Splurge on a Vacation—an Extravagant Getaway or a Weekend Trip  

Taking a weekend trip is a great way to show your love for someone! Plan something spontaneous for you and your loved on to do together. An experience is the best gift you can give.

With so many options nowadays, you can search up experiences on Airbnb or simply checking out TripAdvisor. When that doesn’t yield any results, you can simply start by thinking of places near where you live. Maybe there is a cute mountain town nearby that you two have never explored together.

If you are looking to plan an extravagant getaway, think about somewhere you and your significant other have always wanted to go. It is always romantic to go somewhere tropical where you can take sunset walks on the beach or simply disappearing to a place where the both of you can spend some super quality time together – Maldives or Bali, anyone?

After all, the couple that travels together stays together! Travelling couples often are more in synch with one another as it gives them the experience of witnessing their other halves in stressful or out of the ordinary situations, showing them a different side of themselves. 

Nothing Says Love Like a Piece of Art  

Art is nearly everyone’s love language. Get your significant other a beautiful art piece that inspires you and reminds you of them! Art is such a beautiful gift to give. It makes them feel loved and thought of in the same respects as art. Make a play on them being art in an attached love letter if you feel inclined!

Handcraft Your Love

If you are artistically inclined, you could handcraft them something to love. The internet is a great resource on things to DIY. There are “Love Coupons” where your significant other can redeem certain favors with each card. It can be something as simple as, “take out the trash” to something naughty the both of you would enjoy. A few more interesting coupon ideas would be: “skip one quarrel”, “home cooked meal”.

However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t make him or her something if you’re not particularly good with your hands – you can always DIY a gift basket of their favorite things. Snacks, drinks and other little goodies you know he or she will enjoy. For the girls, you can throw in some heating pads and sanitary pads or painkillers for that time of the month. For the boys, you can add a steamy little DVD or when all else fails, there’s nothing more heartwarming than a homecooked meal: bacon roses and pizza hearts – there’s definitely something for everyone on the internet.

Valentine’s Day is a great time of the year. Take advantage of this time to splurge on your loved ones. You can’t go wrong with any of these gifts and their best interest in mind. It’s the thought that matters, but the perfect gift doesn’t hurt.

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