Gadgets That Help You Make the Most of City Living

When you live in a city, there are certain things that help make life so much easier. And with so many of us now choosing to live the city life, there are more and more gadgets available that help you make the most of it.

From space-saving ideas to ones that make the morning commute that much more bearable, here are some great ideas for you city dwellers:

Fitness Tracker

One of the best things about living in a city (even if you don’t know it yet) is the way it encourages you to get fit.

After several months of standing inappropriately close to someone’s armpit, you’re ready and willing to try an alternative method of transport.

But if you still need a bit of encouragement, a fitness tracker is ideal. Monitoring your steps, jogging pace, cycling pace and so on, it becomes a highly-addictive way of keeping track of your fitness.

Got to work in 20 minutes yesterday? Let’s try and shave off a minute today, shall we?

You get the picture.

Foldable Bike

This is another cool idea if you’re trying to turn your commute into your fitness regime – or you enjoy biking but haven’t got space for a standard cycle.

Foldable bikes from companies like Brompton give you the perfect excuse to whizz through the city while dodging those nightmarish traffic jams. Then, when you get to work, they fold down enough to fit in a locker (no wet seats here, thank you!). Equally, when you return home you can easily bring the bike into your living space to store away, so there are no worries over security or vandalism.

Still got quite a long commute to contend with? Then these bikes even give you the best of both worlds as they’re easy to take on public transport, too.


Whether you’re walking to work or you’re taking the tube, train or bus, headphones help you escape the monotony of this routine, especially if you opt for noise-cancelling designs.

Tune in to your favourite radio station, listen to the next up-coming artist or lose yourself in the latest audiobook – the possibilities are endless.

Furthermore, if you’re really up for it, you could even turn this time in a morning/at night into an educational period. From learning a language to studying a new course, you can maximise this time to your absolute benefit.

Alarm Clock

OK, so everyone needs one of these, even if they don’t live in a city. However, if your commute to work sees you rising at ridiculous hours in the morning, an alarm clock with a built-in light can work wonders.

These begin to light up half an hour before your alarm’s due to go off, mimicking sunrise. This naturally and slowly wakes your body up so you’ll feel much more awake and rested than you do when you wake up to the loud blaring noise from your phone.

While city living often comes with its downsides, we firmly believe you can turn most of these into an advantage. Boosting your fitness levels, giving you time to do something for yourself and making the most of early mornings, these gadgets are must-haves for city dwellers, making great gift ideas too.

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