Hairstyles Best suited for Damsels with Round Face Structure

You have a round face but are simply put down because you think there isn’t a single, over-the-top hairstyle in the block which could exaggerate your beauty? Well the time to sit and ponder is over! Rather prepare yourself to sit and attentively read on this article which would effectively wash away all the hairstyle woes of women who have round face, but have no idea which hairstyle would suit them the best!

Get a pen, a notebook and jot down the hairstyling tips mentioned in this article which would make you look that instantly transformed damsel in the fashion fraternity! I hope that by the end of this article, I will prove to be successful in eliminating the till-now-existing of hairstyling choices for women with round faces. Happy reading!

1)  The ever-vivacious Emma Stone flaunting long hair with round faceemma stone

Who says that women with round faces have limited choices in hairstyling field? Whoever said that must surely take a leaf out of Emma Stone’s book of fashion! This actress with round face flaunts off her facial structure with finesse! Long hair works wonder on girls having round faces as it makes a face look much elongated than usually. If you have round face, keep a note of having a haircut in which your hair reaches below your chin just the way Emma Stone’s hair reaches her collarbone.

Get your stylist to give you long layers as well as giving the shortest of the layer at your earlobes. Avoid having short layers all over your hair as it would make your already round face look much more round.

Another thing which would manifest your round face is giving some creative angle to your face. Get bangs such as side-swept ones which gives an angle to your round face with an ease.

2)  Gorgeous Mila Kunis with her straight and long hairmila kunis

Who can avoid the legendary Mila Kunis when it comes to hairstyles best suited for round faces? Mila Kunis and her glossy long and straight hair makes her look the doe-eyed damsel in every way, an envy of al and sundry! She possesses round face but draws away eyes from the roundness by flaunting straight long hair which makes her face look lengthened. Kunis usually flaunts straight and wavy tresses which gives us the illusion that her face isn’t actually round. On the other hand this illusionist’s hairstyle rather has an appropriate way of slenderizing Mila’s otherwise round face.

Also, make note of the center part which she always dons in her hairstyle. Remember, if you want to create a center part in your hair, simply have layers at the jaws and your hair should reach at least past the shoulders.

To flaunt this hairstyle, it is a must to have super-straight her and hence a super-good flat iron! Also you must know how to give a good blow dry to your hair to make your hair appear more presentable.

3)  Cameron Diaz teaming up graceful Bob with a Round facecameron diaz

Cameron Diaz is a living proof who successfully breaks all the rules which say that Bobs should be completely shunned by women with round faces! It is a known fact that bob hairstyles are not meant to go with round faces, but the bob flaunted by Cameron Diaz looks spectacular despite her having a round face.

What is the reason? Well, as mentioned previously bangs usually add angle to a round face, and so does the side-swept ones flaunted by Cameron Diaz. Also her hair is extremely straight and hence does not add the should-be-avoided width to her head.

It is believed that Diaz almost killed her stylist when she got this hairstyle, as she thought it was chopped much shorter than planned! But the way this haircut turned out to be in the end, she happily kept the tresses and flaunted it with grace and ease the entire year. So get inspired, take the risk and get this gorgeous bob because the result might awe everybody in the end!

4)  Flattering shoulder-length tresses flaunted by Olivia Munnolivia munn

It is a proven fact that shoulder-length hairstyle look flattering on all face structure. This particular hairstyle looks gorgeous on actress Olivia Munn who has a round face. The very last thing that you would want to do is add width to the sides of your already round face.

If you possess wavy and curly hair, just cut down the volume of your hair by going for long layers and just make sure that they reach below your chin at least.

5)  Tricky short haircut on Ginnifer Goodwin accentuating her beautyginnifer goodwin

Short hair should be strictly avoided by women having round face shapes. But this short hairstyle flaunted by Ginnifer Goodwin instead of making her look like a disaster, makes her look like an adorable elf radiating beauty every inch!

Usually short haircuts like bobs reaching the jaw makes a face appear more round especially if you have really short neck. If you do go for short hair, do not forget to add layers to it. The reason this look works wonders with Ginnifer’s appearance is that she threw in some adorable bangs which added much required definition to her intricate features.

Just remember the secret that lots of layers are a must for women with round faces.

6)  Mandy Moore with her generously long layers awing allmandy moore

This avatar opted by Mandy Moore works great for women who have thick and hair type which is coarse. If you do not wish to end up looking like a pine tree, make sure to reduce the volume of your hair by cutting it down and adding more layers to it!

Long layers are a good pick for damsels with generously round faces as they elongate their face and can effectively mask the usual roundness.

So now garbed with necessary knowledge, get inspired by your favorite celebrities and get a hairstyle which accentuates your face structure and make you belle of a ball!

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