How to Kiss a Guy To Drag Him Off His Feet

Kissing is an art that requires you to be a master in this trade if you want to win the person opposite you. A kiss is a channel that drives you sailing through the romantic waves. Your first kiss is what is remembered throughout life and it is the kiss which registers your impact on your lover. Thus it has to be utterly perfect.

Planting lips on a guy is an absolute fun, so, be bold to sink into this fun that will bring your guy to lean over you in return. It doesn’t matter at all if you have kissed a guy a number of times in life, what matters the most is improvement since there is always a big room of improvement in kissing to mesmerize your guy. Your kiss has to be the one that leads the guy to look forward to the intimate business again – next time you meet him.

If your guy is shy and feels hesitant in making advances to you and you want him to kiss you and make love with you, then you have to be a bit bold providing him liberty and breaking his barriers placed in between the two. What you are required to do – a passionate kiss to spell magic with the guy sitting in front of you!

Below tips will work big time to get your guy feel the heat for you! Learn the art of kissing a guy by following them up.

Flirt Your Guy

When you meet your guy, smile as much as you can just to give him the indication that you are all into him. Do, what can entice him, make him happy around you. This will certainly make him at ease. But be cautious to be utter tacky. If you are confused, try to hold and gather yourself. Don’t let your eyes say you are confused since the freezing eyes will not bring any fruits rather the guy could move stealthily from there.

Express Your Feelings

No need to shy at all in expressing your feelings to the guy you want to kiss. Be expressive! The guy will know that you have feelings for him. If the shyness overcomes you and you find it difficult expressing your heart, the guy will turn bored and be weary of the situation. Result: you both won’t get anything lucrative! Guys always love the girls who are expressive, this turn them on! And the girl’s shyness utterly and certainly turns them off!

Toss up the Touching Barriers

Undoubtedly the first physical step to land into kissing is touching your mate. Thus generate the excuses to touch your guy’s arms, hands or face. Why not to hold your guys hands? Guys would love it! Cuddling works super big time. So if the freezing cold is out there, get it as a super benefit to hug your guy tightly and talk to him face to face. The heat-generated closeness will turn the both.

Grab the Right Time to Kiss

Grabbing the right time to plant a kiss on guy’s lips is what you can feel and sense. Often the right time comes up when you spend some quality time together getting close to each other (as mentioned above). By the time you both are into talking, get more close to him slipping into his eyes deeply and passionately looking at his lips. Crunch your lips a bit to give him the signal that you are going to kiss him.

Begin Gradually

If you are all geared up to kiss him, first confer him with a tiny kiss on his cheek and then steadily progress to his lips. By the time, if he is ready to kiss you first (you can judge from his lips’ movement or his leaning over you), give him complete room by following him up tilting your head, closing your eyes and planting your lips back onto his. When you are kissing the guy, you have to make sure that your hands are placed around his neck, on his torso or on his buttocks. While the kiss lasts, you don’t have to open your eyes at all to get and give him super pleasures.

Check His Reaction

If the kiss gets him astonished, go and plant your lips on him again. If it soothes him, wonderful! Keep up the work! But if your continued kissing gets him annoyed, stop doing the business to avoid uncomfortable situation. Give him a break, then give an intent look to his lips, he will understand you love to be kissed.

Time for a Passionate Lip-Lock

If kissing continues for a while, go for a wild wet passionate lip-lock that lets him utterly heated from tip to toe.

After Kiss-Affects

If the passionate lip-lock turns both of you truly on, you may go down to business (depending on your situation and liking). Else you may resume little kisses or talking or whatever you like to do.

Other Tips, Which Make Your Guy Enjoy Your Kissing Fully and Yearning for More

  • Before you plant your lips, make it sure your lips are spongy enough to give him full pleasure.
  • Don’t wear lipstick or lip-glosses by the time you land into lip-locking with him. Men don’t like tasting make-up.
  • There shouldn’t be any bad smell in your breath, it has to be fresh since bad smell always turns the men off.
  • Place your tongue inside his mouth and suck his tongue up then his lips followed by his chin and nose.
  • If you like the kissing turning into more sexual pleasures, then rubbing your hands on his body and his little fellow will bring the magical results.
  • Turn your kiss into quality. Don’t focus on the time duration since the quality kiss will let the guy drag off his feet.

If you follow these tips, the guy will yearn for kissing over and over again.

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