Identifying The Initial Signs Of Pregnancy

Not all women are same, every woman is different from one another. The same thing applies to pregnancy as well. Pregnancy differs from one woman to another. What may be a characteristic in one pregnancy may not be same for the other woman.

There are some women who say that they just get the feeling that they are pregnant when they become pregnant. And possibly there are some women who don’t feel or know that they might be pregnant, many women don’t even experience obvious signs even until the time of an unexpected and surprising delivery they don’t even know that they were carrying. There are various pregnancy symptoms and signs, which vary from one woman to another, making it difficult for them to use one common sign or number of common symptoms to know the beginning of a pregnancy.

Apart from going to the doctor to get the pregnancy test done, which is the commonly accepted method to find out a pregnancy, knowing the body of a female and the changes it goes through. On the other hand a pregnant woman can help another to determine the sensitive hints that might be the indication of a pregnancy.

A missed period is a strong sign of pregnancy in young women who have normal menstrual cycles. For women who have unpredictable periods, a missed or a delayed period is nothing to worry about. Identifying that is linked with fertilized egg’s implantation may imitate a lighter period, and make women feel that they are not pregnant. A later or missed period could be because of many other things like stress, medication, or change in diet. This will cause delay in period, missed period might be a symptom of pregnancy but only for some women and not others.

Another important sign of potential pregnancy is changes in woman’s breasts. Most of the times changes in a woman’s breasts are a sign of change in the body, particularly changes associated with child bearing. During the initial stages of pregnancy, the breasts go through important changes, telling the body that something is happening inside. They start to feel tender to the touch and some become very painful. At the same time, it is not a sure sign of pregnancy because the same changes occur in a menstrual cycle also. Some women have sensitivity to particular foods or medications that can also bring changes in beasts.

Another sign of early pregnancy is morning sickness and is normally followed by upset stomach and vomiting. It is an all time pregnancy sign where normally a woman will go through a severe dislike to the taste or odor of food suddenly. It can happen anytime of the day but it might be very easily solved with the help of a warm glass of water and saltine crackers.

Extreme tiredness is another sign of early pregnancy. Modern routine that didn’t make a women feel tired before do it after she gets pregnant. She might also find it difficult to be awake or want to take a nap in the middle of the day. Some women experience many trips to the rest room while some complaint about bloated stomach or cramping that is similar to monthly period. These are all common symptoms of early pregnancy, but are not the only signs because nausea or tiredness or frequent urination and cramps can be associated with other medial issues as well.
The early symptoms and first signs of pregnancy are a combination of personal experiences that go along with quiet alterations inside the body. A simple home pregnancy test or at the doctor’s office is the most trustworthy and best way to  confirm pregnancy and help assure that the signs of breast tenderness, tiredness, nausea, missed periods and other signs are absolutely pregnancy associated and not because of some other medical issue.

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