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Lipstick Tricks and Tips for aging women

As women start aging, their lips start getting thinner and almost diminishes. Fine wrinkles start making an appearance around their once young mouth along with few gaining lines. There are various remedies one can follow to get rid of these lines, the most popular being lip injection. But it isn’t feasible for every woman to get expensive lip injections in order to affray wrinkles and lines.

In this article, I would mention few useful tips which could guide older women in the right direction when it comes to battling thinning lips in an inexpensive way. There are few criterion of using lipsticks and gloss when you reach a certain age. Once you abide by the rules, you would feel more youthful and hence beautiful.

Lipstick tip # 1: Make Pinks your friend if your Skin Tone is Lightpink shades

It is a tested and proven fact that women with light skin tone look beautiful in pink shades of lipstick. So if you have a light or a medium skin tone, do not hesitate from embracing pink shades, all the while keeping in mind to stay away from darker shade of lipsticks.

Women who possess dark skin tone look best in purple, red or even browns! If you are an owner of skin which is fair, opt for shades like nude colors (more of an apricot color), corals and of course pinks. Abhor shades such as brown. Brown can be considered by women having skin tone which is medium.

Dark skin tone ladies look lovely in shades such as berries, roses, plum and mauve. Too many options are available for women with dark skin. They can either go for lovely browns or perplexing yet adorable purples.

Lipstick tip # 2: Keep the search on till you get your desired shadelipstick shades

Are you unsure of what shade would look the best on you? Always remember that the appropriate shade would be the one which will be two shades brighter than the natural color of your lip. Simply visit a cosmetic store with a friend who has good taste and knowledge of cosmetics. Keep trying the colors being suggested by your friend or the saleswoman till you find that shade which works wonder with your complexion. Shopping for lipstick is just like shopping for rings. You select dozens initially but cut it down to one or maybe two at the end of the process! Just remember your aim: to find a shade which is at least a shade or two darker than the natural color of your lips.

Lipstick tip # 3: Girl, you can surely go Bold and Blazing!bold shades of lipstick

Dark color lipsticks usually make women look more aged, but you can go for bold lipsticks which sure can be gorgeous. Bright shades look flattering on women who have a habit of wearing glasses because the bold colors can balance the bulkiness of their frame.

Remember that if you are going for bright shades, keep your eye makeup as well other makeup minimal. You do not want to end up looking like a buffoon with so much makeup on your face.

Lipstick tip # 4: How to know if Matte or sheer Gloss would suit you the bestmatt or sheer gloss

You can go for whichever you prefer, be it a matte lipstick or a gloss. Just keep it in mind that every woman should go for gloss as it brings out the beauty of your lips tenfold unlike matte. Another plus point with gloss is that it can make your lips look more plump and pouty. Gloss can be worn any time of the day, be it morning, evening or even night!

If you are sporting an envying tan, go for gloss during the summers and look sexy as ever. For a special do at night, you can add a dash of gloss on your lipstick and make your lips look fuller and luscious. You can even go for combinations of lipstick and lip gloss available in the market nowadays. A mere dash of gloss can pop out your beautiful lips in a jiffy!

Lipstick tip # 5: Dark or Light, difficult to decide?shades

As mentioned previously, shades that are lighter usually make lips appear luscious and pouty as compared to the shades that are tad darker. If your lips are thin, avoid shades that are dark as they might totally make your lips look diminished.

Also do not opt for shades which are extremely light or else you might end up looking bare-lipped. A little dash of gorgeous gloss can cause you no harm!

Lipstick tip # 6: Avoid changes with Seasonssummer shades

There are few women out there who believe that they should change their lipsticks as season changes. Let me assure you that there is no need to go to such extremities. There are few hues which look as gorgeous in summer as they look in winter. Take red shades for example, look fabulous in summer, winter and spring, all around the year!

If you are a victim of chapped lips (especially during winter), do not forget to apply lip balm before applying lipstick. Also shun dark shades as they tend to make lips appear flaky. Get yourself a good lip moisturizer as well!

Lipstick tip # 7: Make Lip Liners your Best Buddy!lpliner

Who said lip liners cannot be used as lipsticks? Well yes! Just use it instead of the monotonous lipsticks and see the difference yourself. You can even apply a coat of your lipstick on top of the liner. Sit back and enjoy the effect. I guarantee that you would fall in love with this idea!

Lipstick tip # 8: Removing lipstick stain in a jiffyremoving lipstick stain

Do not punish your lips by rubbing a napkin relentlessly over it again and again! Simply apply a lip balm or lip jelly, wait for a minute or so and then simply wipe it off with a cotton ball!

Look as fresh as a spring by following the above mentioned tips and never be called an oldie again ever!

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