Awesome Long Curly Hairstyles for Women

One of the best facets about having long hair is that you get the ability to use any hair care style in existence – and there are some pretty cool stylers on the current market. For those that are not that into styling their own hair on a daily basis, there are plenty of long curly hairstyles that were designed to create the most amazing hairstyles with just a few bobby pins or hair clips. Many professionals claim that the key is in definition and layers, however not every hairstyle designed for long, curly hair involves layers. How do these hairstylists create such cute masterpieces with long hair? Let’s take a look at some of the inside secrets, shall we?


Long Curly Hairstyles

Playing Around Your Curls

Some women are so afraid to let their curls run wild around their head. For some reason, maybe the conservative society that we have grown accustomed to, women do not feel as comfortable to let curly hair fall as naturally as they do straight hair without product. When it comes to haircuts and styling, working with curly hair can be a bit more complex – adding length into the mix can call for some interesting creations. While curly hair may be harder to define, as curls often have a mind of their own – stylists have come up with some clever ways to accent the beauty of long, curly hair. Using techniques such as:

  • Side bangs
  • Extreme length differences
  • Jagged edges or v-shaped backs
  • Slanted layers

Using simple techniques and shaping tools, there have been much more advancements in the long, curly hairstyles resume in the last few years than ever before. So, how is everyone wearing their curls, you ask? Let’s take a look at some of the top secrets.

Side bangs curly hairstyle

Elegant-and-Beauty-Women-Wedding-Hairstyle-Curly-Long-2Fairy Tale Long Curly Hairstyles

Every girl grows up wanting to be a fairy tale princess at some point in their life. While we may not all get our dream, at least once in a while we can pamper ourselves to a fairy tale hairstyle and a night out on the town. Women have been rocking the fairy tale side pony, the high elegant up do and the ever so pleasant half-up/half-down French twist with curls for centuries. However, in recent more modern times, women have advanced and evolved incorporating drastic shavings, edgy side bangs and a variety of assorted curls in their hair to complete the modern dream.

Now, you can’t have a fairy tale hairstyle without the presences of soft falling strands of hair that seem to flow out of nowhere can you? One of our personal favorite long curly hairstyles is the ones that incorporate wrapping strands of hair around each other or around flowers. Adding the finishing touches such as these can give their hairstyle the depth that it deserves.

Braiding curls back into the hair always creates interesting, one of a kind patterns on a woman’s head. Whether you are planning an elegant evening or a wild night on the town, incorporating loose braids into long curly hair always adds a fairy tale like essence to the outfit.

Fairy Tale Long Curly Hairstyles

Tips for Long Curly Hairstyles that Every Woman Should Know

Managing long hair can be a pain in itself, adding curls to the mix can be a frustrating combination – but not impossible. Here are some simple tricks of the trade that you can utilize to make your curly hair a bit more manageable on a daily basis.

  • Brush your hair as much as possible but don’t over brush. While many women believe that over brushing pertains to the duration and frequency in which you brush. On the contrary, over brushing can also mean placing too much pressure on the hair as you brush, even if it is just for mere seconds.
  • Using a comb and detangle product in the shower, before conditioning can make it easier to get the knots out of your hair without breaking or splitting.
  • While many people may beg to differ, giving your hair a mayonnaise treatment every once in a while does work wonders for hydration. The cholesterol in the mayo nourishes the scalp and hair, enabling your hair to retain moisture more effectively
  • Using warm water when washing your hair can prevent the hair follicles from going into shock and rejecting the moisture and nutrients.
  • Massaging the scalp on a daily basis can stimulate the hair follicles, causing you hair to grow faster
  • When conditioning you hair starts from the bottom and work your way to the roots. This ensures that the bottom portion of the hair, which is less hydrated, is given the proper amount of moisture, while the top of the hair receives the adequate leftovers.

Believe it or not, many of those of-fashioned home remedies that your grandmother used to tell you about actually work – especially when it comes to health and beauty. While they may sounds completely outlandish at first, there’s a reason that historic icons had amazing hair and skin! Don’t you think?

IN fact when it comes to longer hair, especially curly hair, it is always best to maintain proper trimming and oil treatments as longer hair has a harder time maintaining moisture from root to tip. This ensures that your hair receives the optimal amount of moisture and hydration.

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