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Mesmerizing 25 Sleeve Tattoo Designs to Die for

Tattoos are something that can be worn on any part of the body which you prefer, be it your hand, leg, back or arm. It totally depends upon the fact whether you wish to be discreet or openly flaunt your beautiful tattoo. Just the way there are two sides of a coin, similarly there are two types of tattoo lovers- ones who love to keep their special tattoo hidden from the eye of the world, and second who love openly flaunting their super cool tattoo to the world. And it is no secret that the majority of tattoo lovers fall under the latter category.

The tattoo gaining craze all over the world is the sleeve tattoos. Yes, these are the tattoo which graces a wearer’s upper arm. So if the wearer wishes to be discreet or wishes to flaunt his tattoo, they can do both so easily with the sleeve tattoos! In this article I would give as well as show various sleeve tattoo idea and designs which you would certainly love! So let us begin with the awesome sleeve tattoo designs to die for!

1.Cute looking Sleeve Tattoo Design:cute looking

Have a look at this beautiful and cute looking sleeve tattoo. Doesn’t it look cute? It is obvious that the wearer of this tattoo is an avid nature lover!

2.The Religious Tattoo Design:religious

If you are a firm believer of Lord Buddha and rigorously follow his teachings, then you should probably get inked the way this bride in the picture has got inked with a divine portrait of Lord Buddha. She has also added some letters (Kanji) to the tattoo to show how true a follower she is.

3.Sail the Ship Sleeve Tattoo Design:sail the ship

This is one awesome looking tattoo, with the ship sailing mightily on the upper arms of the wearer. What adds to the beauty of the design is the color used to bring the tattoo alive!

4.Starry Sleeve Tattoo Design:starry sleeve tattoo

Star being one of the most famous of all the tattoo symbols, is the most sought after and hence an obvious choice by most tattoo wearer’s, to be inked on their upper arm! This particular tattoo depicts how the wearer has found the right path to success in her life!

5.The Flowery Sleeve Tattoo:flowery sleeve

The flower in this tattoo looks quite unique, being gray and black in hue, it is the symbol of love for the wearer and shows how she celebrates her true love!

6.The Koi Sleeve Tattoo:koi sleeve

As mentioned in one of my previous articles, a Koi (Fish) is considered a lucky charm for the wearer of the tattoo. Similarly this tattoo looks quite colorful and beautiful!

7.The Grieving Sleeve Tattoo:grieving

This tattoo shows how the girl is grieving the death of her beloved man in the war. This is a touching tattoo which speaks volumes about the mental state of the wearer.

8.A Peacock on the Sleeve:peacock

Now who does not love a colorful and pretty peacock? Everybody loves this graceful bird and wishes to exhibit gracefulness as the actual bird!

9.Music on your Sleeve:music

If you are a die-hard Amy Whinehouse fan and love all her records, then you can pay tribute to the late singer by getting inked with this beautiful Amy Whinehouse Sleeve tattoo!

10.Crouching Tiger Sleeve Tattoo:crouching tiger

A tiger is the symbol of bravery and courage. So getting inked with the image of a ferocious looking tattoo on your sleeve would mean that you possess these extraordinary qualities!

11.Roses Sleeve Tattoo Design:roses sleeve

Doesn’t the wearer’s arm look pretty with such bright and differently colored roses? It seems as if the flowers are trying to say that cherish your love and never lose it ever!

12.A Mic on Sleeve:mic

This tattoo comprises of a realistic looking mic accompanied by a bouquet of flowers and a scroll reading the words “Sing” and “Heart”!

13.Tribally inspired Sleeve Tattoo Design:tribally

As you would probably know by now that tribal designs are in vogue now and so getting inked with such a design on your upper arm is a must for any tattoo lover!

14.An Abstract Sleeve Tattoo Design:abstract sleeve

Show the nerdy side of you by getting inked the way this girl has gotten! The tattoo comprises of an abstract yet mesmerizing looking design which is apt for being used as a sleeve tattoo.

15.Gypsy Lover Sleeve Tattoo:gypsy lover

The girl wearer is showing off her charming gypsy tattoo etched on her upper arm. This is quite a pretty tattoo to get inked with!

16.Tribute Sleeve Tattoo:tribute sleeve

The tattoo wearer here is paying tribute to her lost love which is quite touching and emotional.

17.The Peter Pan Sleeve Tattoo Design:peter pan

Bring to life the fairy tales such as Peter pan through this wonderful looking colorful sleeve tattoo! If you are a great Peter Pan Fan then it is a must for you to get inked with this famous fairy tale character!

18.The Greek Sleeve Tattoo Design:greek

This tattoo shows the mighty Greek God Zeus and his beautiful wife goddess Aphrodite. The wearer naturally is an avid lover of Greek Mythology!

19.Angel on the Sleeve:angel

The tattoo here depicts a beautiful angel sitting on the arm of the wearer which means that the wearer is paying tribute to the Mother he has lost by depicting his Mother as a Guardian Angel.

20.A Macho Design:macho

If you are all macho and love showing off your masculinity then you should get this tattoo shown here in the picture!

21.Portrait of a Girl:portrait

The wearer here has got inked with the portrait of a beautiful girl as if trying to say through her tattoo that she loves her individuality.

22.Hibiscus Sleeve Tattoo Design:hibiscus

The wearer is showing off her beautiful hibiscus sleeve tattoo which looks enchanting!

23.Pretty Cherry Blossom Tattoo:pretty cherry

The cute cherry blossoms inked on the arm of the wearer looks striking!

24.The Mighty David:david

This tattoo is for all the Michaelangelo lovers out there!

25.Scary Tattoo Design:scary

The wearer is probably fascinated with her fear for everything!

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