25 Gorgeous Mini Wedding Dress Ideas

The thing is that a hot and sexy mini wedding dress will make you look great and very fashionable on that special day – your wedding day. Women on the whole look forward to this day as they are going to be the star and all eyes are going to be on them. And if you are blessed with or worked hard for a great body with gorgeous legs, then the sexy mini wedding dress will make you look incredible. Here we take you through some hints on what to do and how to do it to ensure that your big day goes off without a flaw.

Mini wedding dresses work for the following kind of brides :

  • Very young brides in their teens or early twenties. Actually strictly speaking the age range should not matter, the fact of the matter is that younger brides do tend to carry off this look very well. They look good and are very comfortable with it, which makes a big difference..
  • Brides who are getting married at a wedding chapel. These Vegas style weddings are prone to be open to most styles of dressing and hence you will not feel out of place wearing that hot and sexy mini wedding dress.
  • Budgeted weddings  that are going t be more casual and laidback. In such weddings the dress code is not that strict and you can get away with a more casual looking mini wedding dress

19-mini wedding dresses
When you find that your parents or his parents do not like you to wear a short wedding dress, you could:

  • When your mother or his mother are quite vehement about the length of the dress that you are planning to wear and object to the shorter length, then you could wear a longer gown to the actual wedding ceremony and wear the shorter one for the reception
  • Make it clear that you are the star of the day and you get to choose what you want to wear. Plus you can tell them that since you are comfortable wearing it they should let the matter rest. This makes sense when you are paying for it.

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Pick out the  Mini Wedding Dress as per the shape of your body:

  • First of all if you have legs that are shapely and have a dress size that is below ten, then you can rock this look as it needs a cute figure
  • If you feel the skin on your arms are a little flabby then you should go for a dress with longer sleeves.
  • If your bust size is smaller this could be a big plus especially when  you are going for a strapless style.  You will find that certain styles suit  people with smaller busts better than women with more bust
  • If you happen to be not comfortable about your upper thighs or the buttock area, then you should go for a style that has a loose skirt rather than a tight fitting style. It will work to make you look sexier in the mini wedding dress.

3-mini wedding dresses
Have a comfortable and fun wedding day in your Mini wedding Dress:

  • If you are wearing something to hold your body shape tightly, make sure that it ends just above the hemline of the dress. Anything peeking out even unobtrusively will spoil the look
  • The same way be aware that , control-top pantyhose may have seam lines on the leg that can be seen wearing a mini
  • You will moving around on the wedding day and if you are to negotiate stairs during this time then go for  mid-length  wedding dress instead of a mini wedding dress.

17-mini wedding dresses
Some of the great ideas for Mini Wedding Dresses are here:

20-mini wedding dresses

21-mini wedding dresses

22-mini wedding dresses

2-mini wedding dresses

4-mini wedding dresses

5-mini wedding dresses

6-mini wedding dresses

7-mini wedding dresses

8-mini wedding dresses

9-mini wedding dresses

10-mini wedding dresses

11-mini wedding dresses

12-mini wedding dresses

13-mini wedding dresses

14-mini wedding dresses

15-mini wedding dresses

16-mini wedding dresses

18-mini wedding dresses

23-mini wedding dresses

24-mini wedding dresses

25-mini wedding dresses

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