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Must-Have Women Essentials inspired by Men

Who said women cannot borrow from men at all when it comes to clothing sense? We surely can! Be it awesome looking suits (tailored), brogues as well as great looking button ups, these are the stuffs which can be borrowed from the boys with ease. Of course you need to add few things to make it look awesome on your body. All you need is a Midas Touch- add feminine touch to these attire and end up looking like that haute, chic lady sporting high fashion with an impeccable taste.

This tutorial would give you detailed ideas with respect to the clothes which are inspired from the guys and to which you can add your own touch in order to make it look feminine and hence make yourself look like a complete Diva. And let me assure you, if you follow these tips, you will take a step towards breaking numerous hearts on the way as these clothes are men-approved totally! So what are you waiting for? Sit back and get ready to venture into the world of high fashion with grace and ease! Hope you find this article informative. Happy Reading!

1.Ever Famous Bomber Jackets:bomber

Usually Bomber Jackets are considered to be extremely boyish. But as mentioned earlier, with a dash of feminine touch, you can make something boyish look pretty girlish too! Here the presence of pockets (flaps) and the fabric which is silk makes the jacket look extremely feminine.

2.Adorable looking Satchel bag:satchel bag

Do you hold a stereotypical notion that satchel bags are meant just for the men? Then have a double look at this fashionable lady satchel bag and all your doubts will be cleared in a jiffy! This is a must have for all the ladies out there this fall.

3.Cardigan with Leather in the Front:cardigan with leather in front

This cardigan isn’t your typical Mr. Men cardigan. The adorable and highly fashionable leather front of this cardigan makes it a must have for all the fashionistas out there this fall! So elevate your fashion sense instantly!

4.To Die For Plaid Leg Pants:plaid pants

If you are looking for an appropriate alternative to the usual jeans then you do not have to look any further. Go for these plaid leg pants which can be worn to an office as well as during a fun weekend out with your girlfriends! The choice is yours. Get different!

5.Olive color Jumpsuit:olive jumpsuit

You must be well accustomed to the fact that the jumpsuits are totally in at present in the fashion world. Then get accustomed to the fact that overalls just aren’t for the garage mechanic guys! Get a taste of high fashion by indulging yourself in buying this jumpsuit!

6.Adorable Saffron color Beanie:saffron beanie

The winter is knowing at the door. So it is time to get your beanies out! And instead of going for the atypical black color beanie, choose something more bright and colorful!

7.Leather Biker Boots:leather biker boots

If you are dressing up by wearing a flowing dress or a summer dress or donning a pair of jeans or even shorts, these biker boots are a must have for every girl out there! Don’t they look adorable? Get one for yourself now!

8.Coat with Lapels:coat with lapels

Ever heard of a coat comprising of lapels which is knitted beautifully? This one has it! This mannish looking coat was seen being sported by all the models walking the ramp this season. So it is a must have for this winter.

9.Flannel Shirt:flannel shirt

What is better than to envelope yourself into the warmth of your beloved’s flannel shirt? This check flannel shirts in red and black looks really great.

10.Boyish Tailored Blazer:boyish blazer

Toy with your fashion taste by getting this boyish tailored blazer and team it up with super short shorts, mini-skirts or even fitted jeans, totally depending upon your choice!

11.Chuck All Star:chuck

If you are going for a casual look and planning to don a white tee with skinny jeans then what better than to team it up with this awesome looking red chucks. This is a must have for you!

12.Buttoned up Chambray:chambray

This is an awesome shirt which is extremely popular in the fashion world. Team it up with tight fitted slacks or stockings and you are ready to conquer the world with your charm!

13.Warm Jacket along with Trousers:warm jacket with trousers

Woven attires are completely in. especially if it looks like something shown in this picture! If you wish to look prim and proper and of course professional, then this attire is totally for you! Who says it looks mannish? It doesn’t!

14.Chic Leather Belts:chic leather belt

This is one multi tasking accessory which is a must have inclusion in every girls’ wardrobe. On any fine day it can be worn with your jeans or over your cardigan too!

15.Cozy Sweatshirt for Winters:cozy sweatshirt

Who said sweatshirts are out of fashion because they make a girl look tomboy? Have a look at this stylish sweatshirt to throw all the doubts out of the window!

16.The Beloved’s Watch:watch

Wearing your beloved’s watch is considered as a very romantic gesture and a token of deep love and commitment. Go ahead with the watch shown in the picture as it looks extremely classy and chic at the same time.

17.Stylish Brogues:stylish brogues

Do not be fooled by the concept that these brogues are usually worn by men. Take a closer look and note that these brogues are an example of high fashion for women. Team it up with jeans or plaid trousers and look your best!

18.Beloved’s Jeans:bf jeans

I know nothing can beat the skinny jeans or cropped jeans but wearing your boyfriend’s as shown in the pic looks very fashionable. And the best part is that you can team it up with chucks or even stilettos!

19.Chic Baseball Cap:chic baseball cap

Yes, you heard me right. This baseball cap has made an entry into the world of fashion once again and looks quite awesome!

20.A Cute Neck Tie:cute necktie

A guy looks hot in a bow tie. So why can’t we too? Let us join the fun and look adorable!

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