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An Ounce of Prevention

There is no doubt that we are better off to address almost any problem while it’s small. Whether it’s a plumbing leak in our home, a funny sound from our car’s engine, or a nagging pain in our bodies, these things don’t repair themselves and will in fact only grow worse, more dangerous, and more expensive over time.

Yet there is a reluctance to do so. Fears about the financial costs, the health risks, and the potential pain involved keep many people from seeking medical care in these early stages, and they fall right into the unfortunate trap described above. People sometimes reach an age where they feel that any type of medical intervention constitutes a surrender to old age. Younger people often think that such steps are a sign of overall poor health. The fact is that the opposite is true. We often have medical issues that we might have prevented at some point in our life, but we must now address to keep them from interfering with our later adulthood.


Less Fat Means Less Skin

For patients who are significantly overweight, sometimes dietary improvements and a good exercise regimen aren’t enough. Weight-loss surgery has had an amazing health impact on patients around the world. It serves two major purposes: First, it provides significant improvements in the patient’s overall health, and second, it helps the patients feel better about their appearance.

But sometimes the latter benefit only fully accrues after an additional procedure to remove excess skin. Surgical weight loss is so rapid that the skin cannot adapt to the shrinking figure quickly enough, and large amounts of baggy skin are left behind. Dr. Adam Basner performs this procedure in his practice, and his success with it has helped make him a top rated plastic surgeon in Maryland. Patients who undergo this procedure end up with less skin irritation, greater self-esteem, and even a few more lost pounds.

The Leg Bone Connected To The Hip Bone

Bone and joint issues have a reputation for being full-body issues. That is, if you have problems with your back, any movement you make will cause back pain. In simpler areas than the spine, problems like knee issues can also complicate your overall movement. Pain in a leg, hip, knee or foot can alter your gait, which places extra strain on the opposite limb and accelerates its decline.

This can be avoided with simple procedures. Sometimes an arthroscopic operation to remove damaged cartilage or otherwise improve conditions can delay an eventual joint replacement. And in the meantime, the patient’s movement is less painful and can better tolerate exercise, which feeds into overall health. Typically, a little trouble getting around can turn into a lot. Results are often much better with surgery sooner rather than later.

Smile, and Your Body Smiles With You

For the economically disadvantaged, dental care has generally been a very low priority. At some point, a cavity might become severe enough to warrant an extraction, but until then, many poor people simply suffered through. This led to difficulty in eating, speaking, and smiling, but over the long term, the risks were even greater.

For those with the availability and financial resources to get good dental care,┬áthe benefits are far beyond pain relief and cosmetic value. The research is clear that poor dental health can lead to a variety of problems far beyond our mouths. Consequently, a nagging wisdom tooth, gum problem, or cavity–as painful as the repair may be–can still be the easier path to a long-term condition of overall health.

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