The website administrators and staff of are committed to keeping this site secure so that all site visitors can browse and explore articles with the assurance that any personal information that may be transmitted when using this site is completely secure and protected. This Privacy Policy provides full disclosure and transparency regarding all means and methods of electronic information gathering and the potential uses of various categories of information.

Please take a moment to read this Privacy Policy explaining data collection security on this website and providing you with information concerning your rights as a consumer in regards to maintaining the privacy of your personal information.

Our Purpose and Reason for Creating

A talented group of writers, photographers, researchers and website developers have come together in order to design a website that offers current, up-to-the-minute information concerning topics of interest for young women. The entire team coordinates their efforts in order to provide articles and images relating to fashion, features, health and fitness, lifestyle, technology, travel, motivational and other topics both informational and beneficial.

During the course of performing this task, certain data is compiled in order to enhance and improve this website.

Basic Data That Improves Services

  • Site Traffic Data

It is a common practice that website administrators gather statistical data regarding site visitors. It helps to know who visits the website, when they visit and how long they stay, and web server logs compile reports on this type of information for the site administrators to consider as they work to continually improve and further develop the website.

  • Information Needed for Financial Transactions

Credit card information is not stored on this website and is solely utilized during the course of a specific consumer purchase and will have to be re-entered every time a subsequent purchase may be made. Personal information obtained during the course of a financial transaction will never be revealed to any party not a direct party to the specific transaction.

  • Voluntary Survey Data

Those who chose to participate in surveys provide valuable information that gives the participant the power to affect change. The information obtained from voluntary survey responses helps developers and decision-makers on any website to make improvements on the quality of services. These survey responses and any kind of personal data provided are confidential and utilized strictly to evaluate the website’s performance.

  • Data from Emails:

Any personal data transmitted via emails to this website’s administration will never be shared with third parties and will only be used to accurately respond to said email.


The Use & Collection of Statistical Information

Certain kinds of data are collected anonymously and reports indicating website trends are created with tools like Google Analytics. Personal information still remains confidential, while general information is often made available to third parties.


Certain Legal Exceptions to Personal Information Privacy

Privacy Policy rules concerning non-disclosure of personal are very strict, and personal information is never shared in any method not previously disclosed without the opportunity to opt out of said disclosure. However, the rules for preventing personal information disclosure specify for certain legally mandated exceptions. These legal exceptions are as follows:

  • Information necessary for the identity and prosecution of violators of the Terms of Access
  • Data required to support website security
  • Requests made via the Electronic Communications Privacy Act


Utilization of Cookies

Cookies are a nickname for temporary data files that save information on your computer’s hard drive during the course of navigating throughout the website. Information like shopping cart purchases are stored in a cookie file until your browser is closed. More long-term data like account log-in information can be established at account set-up.


Users can decline to use cookies by setting the computer to deny temporary data files or by declining to accept the “Remember” option for website accounts.


Opting-out of Online Behavioral Advertising

Statistical information obtained via cookies can be used to generate customized advertising, and more information regarding online behavioral advertising can be found at . Google users can decline cookies with the opt-out option on Ads Preferences Manager, however, those who do so will no longer have access to customized advertising related to the utilization of cookies. retains the right to make such changes to this Privacy Policy as are deemed necessary.