Rating DC: What it is like to live in Van Ness?

Sitting along the Potomac River, bordering the states of Maryland and Virginia, Washington, DC, the capital of the United States is distinguished by federal government buildings, the White House, and Supreme Court, but it is also home to many museums and performing -art venues. The city is one with many personalities and neighborhoods, including Van Ness. Van Ness is a cozy nook in DC, with an urban setting where you can enjoy the outdoors with the many parks nearby.

Van Ness, is also referred to as Forest Hills, and is in the northwest quadrant of Washington, and is surrounded by Connecticut Avenue to the west, Rock Creek Park to the east, Chevy Chase to the north, and Tilden Street to the south.

Once the location of the Civil War, Van Ness changed itself to embrace art, culture, cuisines, and fashion. A neighborhood in Washington DC, Van Ness has a population of approximately 1,500. Before 2013, Van not much was thought of the community, till it received significant renovations. Now renters are flocking to Van Ness DC, for it is relaxed and freshly styled feel.

In Van Ness, you can visit the site of Fort Kearny, from the Civil War era, and Soapstone Valley Park, which surrounds a branch of Rock Creek. The Hillwood Museum is the house that once belonged to philanthropist and socialite Marjorie Merriweather Post and contained her collection of decorative objects.

Living in Van Ness offers residents a mix of an urban, suburban feel. You will find many bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks in the community to enjoy such as Acacia Bistro for Mediterranean cuisine to an escape at Rock Creek Park, The Hillwood Museum and Gardens of DC are an excellent place for residents to clear their heads and enjoy art and nature.

The neighborhood is full of foodies, bookworms, and museum lovers. Van Ness is filled with historic buildings and classic Greek architecture. There are many things to enjoy on a stroll around the neighborhood, such as the fountains, traditional stone statues, and many gardens, parks, and trails. It is a flourishing community with young professionals. Residents love spending time in the various coffee shops and restaurants.

Most locals in Van Ness do not drive because of the excellent walkability. It is easy to get around wherever you need to go in the neighborhood on foot.  Additionally, the community has a Capital Bike share program and bike stations throughout the area, if you feel the need to travel by wheels.

It is a unique neighborhood that combines the convenience of access to the Metro and city amenities with the beauty and serenity of natural parks. There is a mixture of apartment rentals and single-family homes, and residents are drawn to Van Ness for its easy commute, various retail options, safe and family-friendly atmosphere, and stunning hiking trails. In Van Ness, you will find a community that values and aims to preserve natural resources but welcomes smart, transit-oriented enhancement.

Van Ness is home base for the University of the District of Columbia, which includes the Theatre of the Arts, UDC School of Law, Howard University School of Law, American University Radio WAMU, Howard School of Divinity, the Levine School of Music, and The International Chancery Center with numerous Embassies.

The neighborhood is a big community, even keeping up to date a community calendar of events, where residents find everything from ethnic cooking classes to jazz tours of the neighborhood. There is a real appreciation of community in Van Ness, and lots to do including taking a foodie tour, swing by a used book store, take a stroll through the Hillwood Estate, smell the roses and a hike at Soap Stone Valley Park,  go back in time at Pierce Mill, and search for the hobbit hole.




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