Responsibilities Of Owning A Dog

Imagine the smell of a new puppy while he is held close to the chest and how he will twist and grunt so adorably. Now, think about all the things involved in taking a puppy home and letting him be part of the family; how he will chew everything in sight the way human babies put everything they see in their mouth. There is certainly a lot of responsibility when adopting a pet, so one needs to make sure that he can make that commitment when taking any animal into his care.

Love, Time & Exercise

Love is the main ingredient for a happy fur baby, as, without love and attention, he can wither and die. One will give time to that which he loves, and this is how children know what they mean to others. Pets are in need of time with their master every day, and they are deprived if they do not get this. Baby animals growing up are very comparable to human babies when it comes to love.

Then there is exercise, and this will be dependent upon the various size and breed of dogs. Every pet will need to be walked, sometimes more than once daily. Consider this wonderful collar called the No-Pull harness for any puppy or dog weighing at least 5 pounds. It is the only harness that one will ever need, as they last forever and work well with dog breeds of any particular size. Plus, they are comfy and go on and off easily.

Additionally, dogs will need things that they are allowed to chew, but they must be safe. There are a wide array of awesome, affordable toys on the market in which to suit the taste of Fido and safety. The best home-made toy is tying two old cotton knee socks together, suitable for chewing and playing tug-of-war.

Food, Treats & Vitamins

When it comes to food, it is a great idea to go to the store and learn about what is best for the creature by reading some of the familiar brand name products. Don’t buy cheaper dogfood with poor ingredients. On the side and back, it should provide what nutrition values are in the food, and what a dog needs in a day. Also learn from the pet’s doctor about what foods provide and what the specific needs of the animal in question are.

Treats are something that are necessary when rewarding that sweet critter for positive behavior. Limit their use to make them even more important to get. Buy the kinds that are good for chewing and teeth, not just for something given without behavior required.

Taking vitamins is something all people need to get into their systems, and family pets are no different. Dog foods that are reputable brands usually provide most vitamins the dog will need, but check with the veterinarian if there is a concern of any kind because giving pets vitamins could prove toxic.

Sickness & Health

Puppies come with costs upfront, and like children, need immunizations against diseases that could make for a short life or one of misery, so these series of shots are quite important. Choose a veterinarian that is suitable. Make an appointment and go, unless the shelter or person the pup or dog was gotten from sets up recommendations for everyone.

Next, make sure to have the dog spayed at the vet’s suggested age for the particular dog. It is common to get this done after eight weeks of age, but it should be before six months if it is a female, due to her health and first heat period.

Of course, nobody likes to see their cherished pet get in an accident or become ill, but it does happen. The best bet would be to get prepared to tackle it head-on. Get knowledgeable about the diseases and other health issues that the specific dog can get, and how to prevent other sicknesses.

Finally, if there is a bad accident or an illness that is making the beloved family pet suffering, then please be humane and do the right thing for the animal.

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