125 Best Shoulder Tattoos of 2019

People having tattoos are often discriminated. It’s saddening how the society often looks down on people who have tattoos. They are rebels, members of the cult, and thugs. However, this is not always the case. There are people who get tattoos to express the opinions they couldn’t dare voice out. There are people who think tattoos are forms of self-expression. Millions of people also believe that tattoos are beautiful art works. Rather than mocking and discriminating people must learn to appreciate tattoos.

You can change the perspective of other people about tattoos by setting as a good example to the society. You can prove them wrong. You can prove the society that not all people who have tattoos are nuisance in the community. You can prove the world that tattoos don’t define a human being. If you want to get shoulder tattoos, then you should freely do so. Do not let the criticism reach your heart. Do what you love to do.

Type of Shoulder Tattoos

Shoulder tattoos can be anything. It can have statements, symbolic designs, simple shapes, names, initials, animals, cartoon characters, and absolutely anything that you can think of. It all depends on your taste and preference. If you are the religious type, then you can get tattoos that symbolize your faith and beliefs. If you are a music lover, then you can get tattoos that include music signs. You just have to be creative in choosing what kind of tattoos you want to put on your shoulders. It doesn’t matter if your tattoo design is too plain and simple. What matters is that you love it and it represents what you believe in or what you want in life.

The following are currently the most popular designs for shoulder tattoos, for both men and women:

English Oakshoulder tattoos Tattoos

  • This is one of the most popular tattoos for women. An English Oak tree symbolizes the strength of the bond between you and the people you love. This tree will remind you of the middle ages, which makes it a classic design. The tree also symbolizes endurance, which is one of the most prominent traits of a woman. When you have this tattoo on your shoulder, people will immediately interpret it as a sign that you are a strong woman who is capable of enduring all the turmoil in life.

Eagle Tattoos

  • This tattoo is perfect for men. It symbolizes strength, power and authority. It’s one of the fierce and fearless animals. Because of these traits, the US Navy has even used it as a symbol. By putting this tattoo on your shoulder, people will look at you will respect and adoration. Having this tattoo means, you are someone who’s honorable and trustworthy.

Dog Head Tattoos

  • This is perfect for both men and women who are pet lovers. Dogs are symbols of loyalty and friendship. A dog is truly a man’s best friend. No matter how much you run away from them, they will stay loyal to you the moment you show them some affection. Dogs also have a certain charm that makes them irresistible. Having a dog’s face tattooed on your shoulder means you are loyal, just like dogs. It also means you value friendship more than anything. This is one way of showing to the world that there’s no reason to be afraid of dogs because they are sweet and loyal creatures.

Mandala Inspired Shoulder Tattoos

  • Anything related to Mandala art is stunning. The careful combination of simple geometric shapes results to a great masterpiece. You can place this tattoo on any body part, but it will look great on the shoulders. Although this tattoo is usually in pure black ink, it would be more captivating with multi-colors. Having a Mandala shoulder tattoo will lead other people to think that you are part of an ethnic culture or simply just too artistic.

Peacock Shoulder Tattoos

  • A peacock is one of the most beautiful creatures in the animal kingdom. Even at a far distance, you will be able to notice how vibrant the colors of their feathers are. A peacock is a symbol of beauty and elegance. When you get this tattoo, people will look at it with utmost admiration. Aside from having eye-catching colors, this tattoo would also add to your sophistication. It’s would also fit no matter what outfit you are trying to pull out.

Meaning of Shoulder Tattoos

Since shoulder tattoos can be anything, it could also have various meanings. The meaning of your tattoo will depend on the design that you choose. The design of your tattoo will represent your traits and characteristics as a person. Even without meaning to choose a specific design, you are destined to pick a design that reflects your true personality. Your choices and preferences are just reflections of who you really are.

Even when presented with a lot of tattoo design, the sample that will likely catch your eyes is the one that closely represents you as a person. For instance, after looking at pictures of animal inspired tattoo designs, you have chosen a Lion’s head. This means that your personality is naturally fierce and strong. This means you have the power to stand up for what you believe in. IT could also mean you are born with the qualities of a great leader, something that is also an evident trait of a lion.

Choosing fairy tattoos over tribal tattoos would also speak about how you are as a person. By choosing fairy tattoos, it means you want to focus more on the beautiful things in life. It could also mean you are a dreamer. It will naturally show your desire to keep soaring high until you achieve your desired goals in life. Fairy tattoos also represent gentleness and classiness.

Ideal Placement of Shoulder Tattoos

There’s not much choice on the placement of shoulder tattoos, aside from proper angling. The only option you have is between your right and left shoulder. Usually, people choose a side based on the hand they use for writing. This is probably because you are more comfortable and more proud of the side you are always using. The positioning of your tattoo will also show which hemisphere of your brain is more dominant. That way, people will easily realize the connection between your personality and your choices.

Shoulder Tattoos Preparation Tips

Tattoos are permanent markings, so you must think a couple of times before finally deciding to do it. Aside from this, there are still other things that you have to consider. You should not get a tattoo based on impulse or peer pressure. Getting a tattoo is an ideal way to express yourself.

One of the most difficult things to do when getting a tattoo is deciding on the design to use. There are thousands of wonderful tattoo designs existing today. Choosing among these thousands of designs will certainly prove to be difficult. However, your heart will lead you to the right kind of tattoo for you. In choosing a design for your tattoo, you should think whether it would still be practical to have that kind of tattoo after 10 years. That’s to ensure you don’t regret getting that design, all your life.

Before going to a tattoo artist, you should already have eaten something. Usually, a tattoo procedure takes hours to finish, especially if the design requires a lot of details and colors. Once you start the session, you might not be able to take a long break for eating. The tattoo artist may still have a lot of clients scheduled for the day, so you shouldn’t delay him any further. In addition, eating beforehand will give you enough strength to endure the pain you will be feeling during the session.

Average Service Cost and Standard Prices of Shoulder Tattoos

The prices of tattoos depend on the skill of the tattoo artist doing the procedure and the design of the tattoo that you want to get. The bigger your design it, the more expensive it becomes.  Usually, a 5-inch long and 3 inches wide tattoo design costs around $100 – $150. This average price is for local tattoo shops. If you want to hire popular tattoo artists, you should expect to spend more than two to three times the cost you are going to incur if you chose the local ones.

The tattoo artist plays a great role in a successful tattoo procedure. The skills of the tattoo artist will determine whether you will have a great tattoo or a regretful one. Therefore, you should consider this factor as well, aside from deciding solely based on the cost of service.

Maintenance Tips after Getting Shoulder Tattoos

Taking care of your shoulder tattoos is a must if you want it to look as good as you imagine it to be. While your skin recovers from all the wounds and scratches from the tattoo procedure, your skin will begin to scab. This is a natural event so you should never panic. When this happens, you should never pick on your skin. You should naturally let those scabs fall off by themselves.

Another thing that you must remember is that you should never expose your new tattoos to the scorching heat of the sun. Meaning, no overexposure to sunlight for the next 3 – 4 weeks or before the skin totally heals, whichever is faster. This will allow for a fast skin recovery.


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