Signs You’re Ready To Marry Him

It doesn’t really matter whether you have been together with your significant other since high school or just got into relationship few weeks back, one thing is certain – you just know that he is the ONE. You spend a lot of time around each other, you know literally everything about your partner, you both are absolutely comfortable and feel totally safe when he is around and you just love your man so much. And, beyond doubt, when you spend that much time close to a loved person, it becomes nearly impossible to figure out and decide if it is actually the right time to take your romantic partnership to a whole new level. So, here you got some clear signs provided by the authors of “would you rather questions relationships?” telling that you are fully ready to take the plunge and finally get married. Off we go!

  1. You have already merged into one unit. And it actually means that people around no longer refer to you as two separate individuals! You are frequently invited to parties, all sorts of get-togethers and other celebrations as a couple. By the way, you have also started attending each other’s family weddings and every member of his family adores you and vice-versa!
  1. Your friends and family might call your boyfriend when they just can’t get through to you. It is a given that both of you will always know where the other one is at the moment.
  1. You never get divided in your own thoughts whether to get married to that man or just not. You are patiently waiting for his proposal!
  1. You do have a truly crazy set of some made-up words that basically may not mean anything, though have already become a part of your everyday interaction! And if some people happen to be judging you for it – you simply don’t care!
  1. Birthday gifts have evolved from “that’s actually a luxurious item that would cost me literally half my monthly salary” more to “hey, I got something you really needed but were too lazy to buy! And…I just forgot to wrap it!”
  1. Now you can totally comfortably tell one another just everything! You don’t take offence anymore when he tells you he doesn’t really like your new dress, and your boyfriend does not mind it when you inform him that his haircut makes him look so sloppy!
  1. You may sometimes ignore the fact of being in a public spot when you start to be all mushy and too cute with one another. It usually takes quite a while before you eventually realize you need to wait until you get back home!
  1. You have successfully adopted each other’s mannerisms and catch-phrases! Now you do not even remember whose phrase it was originally, so now it is just a couple kind of thing.
  1. You have already heard every single story about one another’s school or college years, family and friends moments. And not just once, but actually multiple times! That’s why, whenever either of you starts a never-told-before story, you often know how exactly it ends!
  1. You may take a glance at his face and easily find out that something is up. And pretty the same thing goes for your man too! Furthermore, you two know how to uplift each other’s spirit without annoying the other person.
  1. He can sometimes be absolutely gross when with you yet you still think he is the most perfect person in the world, and of course, vice versa!
  1. People always keep asking you two why you still are not married and you honestly have no idea about that!

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