Snow vs. Sand: Best Romantic Vacation Destinations

The debate is on about which is the best kind of vacation spot for a romantic interlude with your special someone. Should you head for a tropical island featuring golden sand beaches, sparkling turquoise waters, and tall fruity drinks with little umbrellas? Or is it more conducive to love to snuggle up on a bearskin rug in front of a crackling fire after a day spent swooshing down snow covered slopes? We’ll compare the pros and cons of planning to spend your next romantic vacation on a luxury ski chalet holiday, or taking the sunshine route and choosing a classy seaside resort destination.

Romantic Vacation

The Adventure Aspect

If you and your lover are outdoor enthusiasts, you know that you’ll enjoy spending time together at your favorite sport, be it a snow sport or a water sport. Skis work to fulfill this ambition on either one, so we could call the adventure aspect of snow vs. sand a tie, except that there are a few more choices available for adventure on a beach vacation. In the mountains you may be able to ride a snowmobile, or snowboard, or perhaps even ride in a sleigh, but you are pretty limited in your sport choices.  At the beach, not only can you waterski, you can ride a jet ski, a surfboard, a skim board. You can also enjoy boating and fishing, swimming and diving, and of course, more sedentary adventures such as sunbathing.

The Romance of Your Surroundings

It could be said that when it comes to true love, you can have romance no matter where you are. However, for a couple that has been together a little while and experienced the frustrations of trying to find quality time in the midst of busy lives, going somewhere special makes a huge difference in how romantic you feel. So which kind of vacation is more romantic, a ski vacation or a beach vacation? Well, we already mentioned the cuddle factor of a ski vacation. Spending a day enjoying the beauty of mountain scenery together, playing in the snow, and then getting warmed up together near a romantic fire is a wonderful way to spend time with your loved one. A glass of champagne, maybe a soak in a hot tub, and love is certainly in the air!


However, there is much to be said for the romance of a glorious tropical sunset, the sound of ocean waves, balmy breezes and sun drenched skin. A lady has a much better opportunity to show off her figure in a bikini, or to wear a romantic flowy dress on a hot summer night when she’s at the beach, so the clothing is definitely more romantic on sand than on snow.

Try Snow This Year, and Sand Next Year! Or Vice Versa!

Who’s to say whether a snowy vacation at a luxury ski chalet is more or less romantic than a  sandy holiday at an equally luxurious seaside resort?

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