South American Counties to Tick Off

If you fancy yourself as an adventure-seeker then you will always be on the lookout for exciting new places to visit. One of the best places for adventure in the world is South America as there are so many fantastic countries and amazing scenery here to discover. There are many brilliant places to visit, but here are a few that any adventure-seeker will want to tick off their list.


The beautiful country of Peru is a popular choice for two main reasons – the mystical Machu Picchu citadel found high in the Andes mountains and the fact that Peru is home to a large section of the Amazon Rainforest. These are both must-visits for adventurous types, but there is more to Peru than this including the excellent capital city of Lima on the Pacific coast.



Bordering Peru to the south you will find Bolivia which is a landlocked country with incredibly diverse nature. This includes the Andes Mountains, the Amazon Basin rainforest and the Atacama Desert. It also features South America’s largest lake, Lake Titicaca which is an incredible sight to behold.



Brazil is world-famous for its colourful culture, but it is also the largest country on the continent with an incredible amount to see and do. This includes the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue, relaxing on the beaches and the raucous Carnaval festival.



Chile is a unique country as it is incredibly long and narrow stretching along the western edge of the continent. This makes it remarkable diverse with beautiful wide-open landscapes, including the Atacama Desert to the north and forests, fjords and islands to the south. It is also one of the more economically and socially stable countries in South America which is best displayed in the lively cosmopolitan capital city of Santiago.



One of the most famous South American countries and for good reason, Argentina is a huge country located in the southern half of the continent and sharing the southern cone with Chile. Here too you will find great diversity, including the Andes, grassland, glacial lakes and more. Argentina is also known for its food, tango dancing and music and particularly if you travel to the lively capital city of Buenos Aires.



Columbia, located in the northwest of the continent and stretching into Central America, is a country often overlooked by tourists as it has a reputation for being unsafe. This is a shame, as Columbia is no more dangerous than other South American countries and a fantastic place to visit with great food, friendly locals and outstanding natural beauty.


These are the best places in South America if you are an adventure-seeking holidaymaker. This is a truly breathtaking part of the world which boasts much of the world’s most beautiful natural scenery, but it is also home to many lively, fun and fascinating cities so there is something for everyone here. Any of the above will certainly provide you with plenty of amazing memories and scratch the itch for adventure.

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