Stunning Hairstyles Tailor-made for Heart-Shaped faces

Are you impervious to the fact whether a bang or a cute bob haircut would adorn your face and bring it to limelight? Well fret no more! It is as easy as ABC’s to ascertain the shape of your face. Simply stand in front of a mirror with a lipstick in your hand, look straight and using lipstick trace an outline of your face on the mirror! Do not forget to tie your hair in a ponytail before setting out with this task. The shape you traced on the mirror is the shape of your face.

Now that you are armed with the knowledge of your face-shape, know the hairstyles that would suit you the best and be the belle of a ball instantly! Let this article guide you in the right direction to the world of stupendous haircuts and hairstyles which would aide you in enhancing your beauty tenfold.

Hairstyle No. 1: Reese Witherspoon flaunting her angelic side-bangsreese

Ever noticed how beautiful Reese Witherspoon looks in her side swept bangs? She definitely looks divine! She looks so because she knows which haircut would compliment her heart shaped face structure utmost!

Reese Witherspoon has sported almost all the hairstyles ever invented. Be it adorable bob, loose waves, or even cropped hair. But her look isn’t considered complete without her famous one-sided bangs haircut. This hairstyle is a lifesaver for those heart shaped face women who wish to detract gazes from their forehead and draw them more towards there twinkling eyes!

Forbid your hairstylist from giving you extremely short bangs. Your bangs should at least reach your sparkling eyes! If you try your hand at cutting your own hair, cut bangs when your hair is completely dry as bangs in dry hair usually shrink. Have fun!

Hairstyle No. 2: Ginnifer Goodwin’s Mischievous Pixie Lookginnifer goodwin

Pixie haircut looks the best on faces which are heart shaped. Pixie haircut enhances the cheekbones and your beautiful is almost like your cheekbones come alive after this hairstyle!

Ginnifer Goodwin flaunts this hairstyle as if it is her Siamese twin! It is a very casual haircut and you would usually require frequent trips to your salon for trims (at least every four weeks). As mentioned earlier, pixie haircut is not a hairstyle to be adopted by everyone. This hairstyle makes a square shaped face look squarer and an oblong face more elongated.

So consider yourself lucky if you were born with heart shaped face because this haircut was made for you!

Hairstyle No. 3: Ali Larter’s Long Jagged Bobali larter

This beautifully long and choppy haircut looks adorable on the superstar Ali Larter and efficiently emphasizes on the fact that jagged bob’s look stunning on women with heart shaped face structure!

Bob has always been a hairstyle in trend. Long jagged bob looks sexy as well as sophisticated on damsels with heart shaped faces. If you are going for this look, ask your hairstylist not to give you layers and cut your hair a bit above your shoulders. Once you get the bob, ask your hairstylist to give a razor-effect to your hair-ends so that it looks chopped and jagged.

You can also go for Katie Holmes’s famous bob haircut which is abundant at the chin and this gives great equilibrium to her cheeks with respect to her acute chin. Bobs reaching your chin look great on your face but make sure that the ends are a little jagged.

Hairstyle No. 4: Make Bangs and Long Hair your Best Buddies!katherine mcphee

Have you ever noticed Katherine McPhee’s beautifully long hair adorned with to-die-for bangs? I simply adore her in this gorgeous avatar! Super-long side bangs stunningly bring out your awesome cheekbones and make you look more flattering. So go ahead and get yourself gorgeous long bangs if you wish to kill people with your looks!

Hairstyle no. 5: Hide your agonizingly Wide Forehead with the help of gorgeous side bangswide forehead bangs

Side swept bangs look perfect on faces of any shape and can be flaunted by all and sundry any time of the year. But this haircut looks particularly amazing on women having heart shaped face as creates a superb angle on a face highlighting the structure of your bone.

Long side bangs successfully covers the wide forehead which is commonly noticed in women with heart shaped faces. If you are going for this haircut then go for complete hair color change to look more mischievous and cute.

Hairstyle No. 6: Ashley Judd’s Incredible Short Hairstyleashle judd

I simply adore the way Ashley Judd’s hairstyle counterbalance her facial structure and features beautifully. Choose this hairstyle if you have extremely curly hair as this haircut would work wonders with your look!

Hairstyle No. 7: Keri Russel with her Unruly Curls Tapered at the endkeri russel

If you have a very curly hair texture, this hairstyle is made for you. Curls are usually bulky hence do not forget to get the ends of your hair tapered. Tell your hairstylist to get rid of the heaviness due to your curls. Also shampoo your hair less. You would notice that your curls look gorgeous when your hair isn’t shampooed often. Instead go heavy on conditioner.

Hairstyle No. 8: Jennifer Garner and her Stunning Bangsjennifer garner

It would probably a joy for you to know that you share your face shape with the ever-beautiful Jennifer Garner. Take a leaf out of Jennifer Garner’s book and follow her side swept bangs look blindly if you wish to look gorgeous as ever. Try avoiding bangs which are blunt and short as well as refrain from getting harsh, jagged layers.

Hairstyle No. 9: Get highlights like Jennifer Aniston to look more amazingjennifer aniston

Despite of having a very strong chin, Jennifer Aniston looks gorgeous because of her intelligent haircut choices. Take inspiration from her hairstyles and carry it off with finesse just the way she does!

Hairstyle No. 10: Rachel Bilson Long Hairrachel bilson

If you have a pointy chin, this cut is made for you. Long, beach waves soften your chin and make you look like a shining star!

Take inspiration from above mentioned hairstyles, let your imagination run wild and get transformed into a beauty. Hallelujah!

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