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The Benefits of Waterproofing Your Kitchen Floor

The kitchen is one of the most abused areas in the house. You use it every day; it is where you prepare, cook and eat your meals, and it is where the most important family conversations happen. As it is, the kitchen floor takes the beating of everyday wear and tear. Spills are inevitable, not just caused by kids but by adults as well. Having said this, it is essential that your floor is waterproof, so you don’t damage it. One type of flooring that is suitable for kitchens is luxury vinyl flooring. It does not absorb water and moisture. If you have spills, simply wipe them off with a clean cloth, and you’re good to go. Stains also only need a mild cleaner.

Liquids do not seep into the floor

The kitchen is where we frequently handle fluids – water, juice, coffee, milk – every single day. It is impossible not to spill anything on the floor on any given day, especially if you have kids and pets. The good thing about vinyl is that the boards do not absorb the liquids. You have to mop the spills at once though, so they don’t stain the floor if left for too long. If you have carpet in your kitchen, imagine the horrors of having to clean up spills and stains on a daily basis. Plus, moisture will build up on a wet floor, which will then result in molds.

Moisture does not accumulate

Because vinyl is made of synthetic materials, manufacturers designed it such that the board will not gather moisture. Moisture can be harmful to health, as it can cause molds and mildew to develop in moist areas of the floor. Molds and mildew can cause certain illnesses such as respiratory problems. Besides the dangers to health that moisture may bring, it can also cause damage to the floor if left neglected for too long. It might cost you a lot to replace your flooring because of this.

Easy clean-up

The best thing about having vinyl flooring in your kitchen is the clean-up process. You don’t have to dedicate too much of your time to clean-up. As soon as there is a spill or dirt on the floor, wipe it with a dry cloth or a mop or sweep the dirt to get rid of it. For stains that warm water and a cloth alone cannot remove, a mixture of mild soap and warm water should be enough to remove them. You do not need to use harsh cleaners to clean your vinyl kitchen floor. It is one of the best benefits of vinyl; clean-up is a breeze. You can even delegate the mopping to your kids to give you time to do other things around the house.

If you are remodeling, and you are short on budget but still need a functional and beneficial type of flooring, then vinyl is the right one for you. You don’t have to spend as much but you still get the benefits that you need.

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