The New Cozy Terry Bathrobe Gift Trend on Weddings

It is a tradition to present something to the couple getting married as a gesture of blessing. It is now time to step away from the conventional line of gifts and choose something trendy. Many people like the idea of receiving personalized stuff as gifts. If you have an upcoming wedding, consider giving a personalized bathrobe as a gift. The process of shopping for the gift is complex. A bathrobe will not just serve the purpose but it will also be appreciated, can be customized, and has a utility.

Bathrobes as excellent wedding gifts

There is a variety of options for the wedding gift – from toaster and coffee makers to wall frames and paintings – that one can choose from. Couples register with their favorite stores with expectations of showing their guests what they need; however, they would still want a couple of gifts that will astound them. Thus, why not surprise your loved ones with endowments that are unanticipated, yet very handy?

Even if you have a winter wedding to attend, you will not have to change your idea of the gift to replace a set of couple-bathrobes. Your friends will surely love the robes they got from you while they are on their honeymoon trip. When couples get married, they first need to get comfortable and friendly with each other. Bathrobes are perfect for newly married couples – they can take a load off after their morning shower for as long as they desire in the scrumptious comfort of velour or terry material robes. Giving bathrobes as a wedding gift will encourage the bride and groom to be warm on their honeymoon without making them uncomfortable before their loved ones. 

Types of bathrobes

The Classic Terry Robe

Chic and comfortable, light Egyptian and Turkish cotton has been in use for years as robes and towels. Offered in a huge range of weights and thread counts, terry robes are known for extraordinary water absorbency and are widely used in hotels and spas. However, as the more water is absorbed, the heavier the robe will become, as is the case with all 100 percent cotton materials. Thus, it is suggested to look for pre-shrunk material.

These terry bathrobes are soft, oversize robes that will swathe you. A newly married couple will absolutely love the warmth that these bathrobes carry within them.

Cotton Waffle

Cotton waffles are easily recognizable by their signature square or diamond-shaped pattern. These robes take their absorbency attribute from cotton; however, these are slender and more disposed to shrinkage except if pre-treated.

The Organic Robe

 This will be an ideal gift for a couple, which is an enthusiast of the organic movement. Everything from head to toe that will touch them will be natural. This might be one of the best gifts for them.

The Lightweight Bamboo Robe

Ask any spa expert, and they will likely bore you talking about bamboo cotton fiber, a comparatively new material that flaunts dampness-wicking and scent disposal properties (these two characteristics prove to be useful in case the couple is taking these robes in a steam or sauna, or for a couple of days between washing cycles).

Satin and Silk

Late spring is all about a calmer, honeyed fabric, and the airy vibe of satin and silk robes is perfect for warmer weather. Although they are not intended for water absorbency or made with spa-friendly cotton/looped microfiber, these materials give light, fluid coverage in hot weather.


Nifty microfiber is a blend of light feel of silk and the breathable nature of cotton. It is made with strands way smaller than a human hair. It can be knitted into a lavish, smooth suede finish or bound into millions of tiny circles to form great water absorbency and non-abrasiveness. They come in many weights and textures and are ideal for cozy lounging or after-shower use.


It is the ultimate fabric quality with cloud-delicate luxury. Its robes are expensive than most other alternatives and available in various kinds of differing quality. Cashmere robes will make a wonderful gift for a newly wedded couple, as they are appropriate for winter loungewear.


Chenille has rapidly gained popularity as a robe material because it feels cozy and comfortable. In fact, micro-chenille is especially alluring as robe material because of its ultra-insulating 100 percent polyester composition. There are different qualities even in chenille, thus, be sure to check the fabric and that it has the delicateness and lightweight of better quality chenille. 

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