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Top 10 Countdown: Latest Dragon Tattoo Designs for Girls

Tattoos define a person’s statement of style which remains inked onto them permanently! But dragon tattoos are the ones which is the most popular and the most common choice being made by the tattoo lovers all around the globe nowadays. Dragon is seen as the symbol of immense power, strength, courage and ferocity. Usually people like to be associated with such unique qualities as possessed by a dragon. Dragons are usually mythical animals and have been popularized tremendously by recent hit movies such as Harry Potter, Eragon, How to train your dragon and Lord of the Rings!

Apart from exhibiting all the strong qualities mentioned above, the best part of getting a dragon tattoo is because of its ethereal beauty and exquisiteness! Dragon tattoos can be inked on any part of the body and you can even get in touch with your artistic side by creating a tattoo design filled with vibrant colors! So what are you waiting for? Girls get ready to be known henceforth as The girl with a Dragon Tattoo at the end of this article!

1. Embossment of the Dragon Tattoo:embossed-dragon-tattoo1


What better than to get an embossed design of a beautiful dragon gracing your beautiful back and enhancing your beauty in turn! It can be the platform for you to express your inner deeper desires. When this tattoo is inked on your body, it livens up your body and enhances the charisma that you already possess! Go get one girls!

2. A Feminine Dragon Tattoo Design:feminine1


Another tattoo design gaining instant fame amongst female tattoo lovers now is that of a lady dragon baring her dangerous fangs and claws to the world! Such a design is the symbol of feminism and is tailor-made for any independent female! Note in this particular picture that the lady dragon is looking ferocious and her ferocity has been depicted by the intense pink-red color.

3. Dragon Tattoo Design with Dangerous Spikes:spike2

spiked-dragon-tattoo (400x533)

These particular dragon designs can be inked on any part of your body, be it your biceps, your back, upper arms or even your torso. The dragon with dangerous looking spikes show how trendy and eye pleasing they look when appreciated by the onlookers. They also show that despite of being painted in the same color, their spikes make them stand out of the crowd, making them look one of the most beautiful dragons ever glimpsed.

4. Dragon Tattoo Design inspired by Tribes:tribal1


A Dragon tattoo inspired by tribal culture usually comprises of less vibrant colors and more of a single color. This design sure looks simple but hold a great beauty in the eyes of the beholder. Usually this design is inked in black color which evokes a fear tingling feeling of danger which should usually be exhibited by every Dragon tattoo. Dragon inspired from tribal is a good choice for those tattoo lovers who are avid dragon lovers too! This design can be shown beautiful via this picture which shows the beautiful side of the tribal inspired dragon.

5. A Dragon with simple Scales inspiring Tattoo:scales1


This simple yet beautiful looking dragon with scales is apt for the dragon lovers who believe in the beauty of simplicity and grace. This particular design looks beautiful on the arms, upper arms and even legs of the tattoo wearer. The dragon in the design hold on tight to the wearer as if protecting him or her and is hence loved by tattoo fanatics all over the world! This is one design that anybody could easily get super addicted to due to its simplicity and clarity.

6. Dragon Tattoo Design on Hands:on hand1

on hand2

Dragon tattoos look beautiful and graceful when occupying a large space on the wearer’s body. But this particular design do justice even on the constricted portion your hand! Instead of opting for big, painful dragon designs, one can choose this design which apart from being less painful, looks simple and beautiful too! So if you hate pain and still wish to get inked, this design is what you should choose!

7. Partially Covered Dragon Tattoo Design:hidden1


If you are more of an enigmatic woman and wish to be the mystery girl wherever you go, then design is the most apt for you. This dragon design would partially cover that graceful back of yours, giving an impression of enigma and making you look enticing all at the same time! This tattoo would surely leave people wondering behind you due to its half coverage, mystery and enchanting beauty!

8. The Fiery Dragon Tattoo Design:fire1


Whenever somebody mentions the word “Dragon”, what is the first thing that strikes your mind? “Fire” of course! Dragon emitting fire is the most sought after dragon tattoo design ever and is increasingly used by daring people all over the world. So if you are as fierce and dangerous as a dragon, get inked with this tattoo and show your fire!

9. Dragon Tattoos inspired by Abstract Art:abstract1


This particular dragon design is inspired by abstract art in trend nowadays as well as the Ancient designs. The merging of these two art forms result in a beautiful and gracious looking design that is sure to take away the breath of the admirers around you! This design can be inked on any part of your body but looks the best on back.

10. Dragon Tattoo Design Seductive in Nature:seductive1


Tattoos that speak out loud words such as Danger and immense Power can sometimes be deemed as intensely seductive in nature as something dangerous is at times attractive and seductive! These dragon designs look beautiful on the upper as well as the lower half of your back and should be done in such a way so as to be deemed extremely sexy and seductive!

Now that you have truckload of designs to select from, choose wisely girls. Happy Tattoing!

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