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Top 10 Horror Movies Which Will Keep You Up At Night

One windy night you look out the windows and find the trees swaying left to right and the branches brushing against the glass panes scraping the exterior walls.  All of a sudden there is a howling noise and the thud of lightening blisters the sky.  Reminds you of Dooms Day from the movie 2012 and you heart skips a beat remembering the resemblance of what is happening in front of your eyes with the events in the movie.

Fiction has to in some way or the other replicate reality to make it easier for us to accept.  In the same way the movies are not always about far off lands and alien creatures which we still regard as science fiction.  This realm of cinema called science fiction is still an area which we as the viewer tend to associate with fantasy and the imagination of some creative or even eccentric mind.  Normally, scenes or characters in science fiction movies will seem so far stretched to us that it will not impact our minds to draw any parallel to things in our own lives.  Once we watch these movies and walk out of the theatre or switch off the DVD getting a good night’s sleep should not be a major concern.

Then you have another genre of movies such as horror or thrillers.  This class of entertainment is widely appreciated and viewed for the momentary chills that go up your spine while watching them.   Long after the movie screening is actually over, your mind will recreate the scenes over and over again startling you out of your slumber. You will all of a sudden notice the otherwise usual creaking of the window left open in the hallway turning into noises similar to someone slowly crawling towards you getting closer and closer by the second leaving no time for you to hide. The curtains on your windows flying around, playing with the wind turning into an luminous form with no definitive shape seeming hovering around above your head.

The most rationale of beings can be fooled by the mind when acquainted with situations which seem so similar to our own lives but are only the handy work of a good movie director.  There are some movies made which are guaranteed to keep you up all night or at least get you to hide under your blanket. 

1. 2012

One such movie that I saw recently was 2012.  With all the commotion over the destruction we are causing to our planet and to the future of all mankind this movie really gets the point across very well.  It shows the world exactly the way we live in it and all the famous landmarks that we identify each of the major countries by.  The stark reality of the whole situation that occurs in the movie with the destruction of world taking place due to negligence by the industrialized world and its population is something depicted so naturally.


The movie starts out with ringing an alarm about the pace of global warming happening faster than was anticipated by researchers.  Go back to the IPCC reports which had been published recently, strike a resemblance?  We have all heard about how the glaciers will melt and sea levels will rise with earthquakes ravaging the planet.  This film just brings into a visual perspective all the facts about climate change, which we keep hearing about.  Once you actually see it happening in 2012 you cannot rest in peace knowing that maybe not 100% the same way but the doom awaiting us can not be all that different than what you see in the movie.  It is very real and that is what makes it so scary!


2. The Fog

This movie about a mysterious fog which envelopes a fishing enclave off the coast is really spooky.  Recently when heavy fog enveloped the city and barely anything within five meters was visible, I had a flashback about the movie “The Fog”.  What you see can’t hurt you but it will kill you, is the crux of the entire storyline.   Trying to catch a wink after seeing this movie is not an easy task.


The fog spreads and fortifies the entire town making it impossible to see anything in sight but all of sudden there are figures emerging from the fog…ghosts!  It is time for revenge to give immortal peace to the souls of passengers killed on a ship which crashed off the coast.   There ship was looted and the town was erected from the fortune in the form of gold, stolen from the crash site.  Incidentally, the site was burned to ashes to cover up the scene of the crime.  Now the crew of the ship has emerged from the dead to seek revenge for the atrocity inflicted on them.


3. The Exorcist

The Exorcist is a movie, which has been freaking out people since eternity.  Well not literally but at least since, it was first made in 1973.  Thereafter, there have been many copies of the older version remade and each has been equally haunting.  When movies are made which are supposedly based on true stories, they seem to be even more nerve wrecking.  Knowing the fact that there must be some iota of truth to at least a portion of the movie creates an upheaval in your mind.


William Peter Blatty wrote the screenplay and novel on the topic of exorcism.  Now this particular subject has been debated amongst many people.   Some say that possessions really do take place and they claim to have seen it from their own eyes.  After seeing “The Exorcist” you will be disturbed with the images of a gruesome face with an eerie voice for quite some time.  Very frankly, one feels very curious to watch such movies. You have an ordinary girl living a routine life all of a sudden get possessed by an evil spirit.  The harm that is inflicted on the poor dame is so saddening that it lingers on in your mind.  For days on end you will be scared of the unknown, walking, talking or sleeping!


4. Friday, the 13th

Love going to summer camp?  You might not get a moment’s sleep at camp if you watch Friday, the 13th.  This classic made in 1980 has a maniac that is on the prowl at a summer camp that has frequently been opening and closing after some mysterious deaths take place.  A brave heart finally decides to reopen the summer camp for business with the help of a few eager counselors.


One summer this camp gets many eager teenagers thronging the place.  Little did they know that this may just be their last summer camp.  Bodies fall left, right, and center as unaware youngsters go about trying to have some fun without knowing the danger which is lurking in the depth of the night.



5. The Sixth Sense

Sweet little Cole is a darling little boy whose eyes are filled with dismay and confusion.  His face tugs at your heartstrings and makes you want to just cuddle him up in your safe arms.  The tumultuous activities which he witnesses stirs your blood.   A psychiatrist is commissioned by Cole’s distraught mother to figure our why does he look so frightened all the time.  The young child was too afraid to tell anyone that he says souls wandering all around him… all the time.  They speak to him, show their creepy faces and whisper means things at times.  The only abode which saves him from these haunting spirits is a protective tent which Cole has made for himself… but you can run but you cannot hide…they are lurking there too.


“The Sixth Sense” is a movie which will have you looking over your shoulder frequently.  You might just want to go out and buy that night lamp you were thinking about getting.


6. Silence of the Lambs

Hannibel the Canibel is a seemingly normal individual with an above average IQ level.  What evil plans he hatches in the innermost corner of his mind only he can execute with professional precision.  The movie “Silence of the Lambs” has been adapted from the novel with the same name and the screenplay enacted by Anthony Hopkins has been done with poetic justice.  Once you have switched off your DVD this movie is sure to stay imbedded in your psyche.  The novelty of the atrocities committed by the main protagonist are so quirky that the image will stay on and crop up somewhere in your worst nightmare!


7. Jaws

After watching this movie you will be too afraid to sleep at night scared of dreaming about the beach in which “Jaws” sinks its razor teeth into your flesh.  This film is a legend made in 1975 and left a lasting impression on every audience member in the theatre.  Swimming in the deep blue ocean did not seem to be as refreshing a thought as it used to be and every piece of garbage jutting about in the salty water made you skip a heartbeat.  Even taking a bubble bath was not so comforting anymore since you wanted to make sure you could see what is beneath the foam at all times.


8. The Others

Two children who react adversely to any form of light along with their hapless mother shift into a large house in a secluded portion of town.  Darkness prevails in the house even through the day with the curtains drawn and all doors locked.  In this house reside the housekeepers and the little family but one day they all notice that they are not the only occupants of the house.  The house is a stable of dead souls who freely mingle with the strange servants who Grace, the mother of the photosensitive children, has hired to replace the earlier servants that went missing one fine day.


With the entry of the servants, a Pandora’s Box is opened of paranormal activities occurring frequently.  Once you switch off the lights in your house after watching “The Others”, the darkness might seem to be blacker then you had last thought of it.


9. The Hand That Rocks the Cradle

If you do not end up waking your neighbors with your screeches while watching this movie you must have nerves of steel.  “The Hand That Rocks the Cradle” is a pragmatic thriller which keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout.  An overjoyed couple who cannot believe their good fortune at finding the perfect nanny for their son make Peyton Flanders a part of their home.  She seems to be the most irreplaceable component in the household looking after everyone’s needs and being great with their little boy.  Little does this couple know that Peyton has been waiting a long time to turn their lives topsy turvy.  On arrival of the nanny in their house a series of calamities befall the little family all cooked up most precariously by Peyton to avenge her own family’s misfortunes.


10. I Know What You Did Last Summer

These summer vacations really do spawn horrifying tales of death!  Another story about a bunch of teenagers chilling out together after their graduation in their stupor hit a passerby accidentally.   In all the mayhem, logic goes for a toss and they dump the body in a nearby body of water instead of informing the police.  This incident spells doom for the group of friends and they part ways not willing to see each other again.  Fate has different plans for them and they all must get together once again to find out who knows their big secret when they all receive a mysterious letter stating “I Know What You Did Last Summer”.   One by one each member of the group is mysteriously annihilated.    Check behind the curtains at night and make sure your window is locked too!

The ten movies to keep you up all night listed above are a great excuse to get your gang together with a lots of popcorn and stay up all night screaming and hollering at the top of your lungs! 


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