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Top 10 Scorpio Tattoo Designs to Die for

Expressing one’s self through art has become a trend right now. But expressing one’s self, nature and personality through a tattoo has become widely accepted and popular all around the world. So why not flaunt the zodiac sign you fall under as well? Today in this article I would throw light on the zodiac sign Scorpio, their characteristics as well as the Scorpio tattoos you could choose for yourself!

If your birthday falls between 24th October and 22nd November, then you surely fall under the Scorpio Zodiac sign. This zodiac sign’s characteristic symbol is a vicious looking Scorpio. Scorpions are rules by two planets namely- Mars and Pluto. Scorpions are said to be loyal, extremely passionate and keen scrutinizers. The cons that this zodiac sign possess are- extreme Possessiveness and Jealous nature. These cons make them one of the most dangerous zodiac signs to look out for! They are noted for their independent nature and their zeal in achieving all their aims and goals. Here you would find intriguing tattoo ideas if you are thinking of getting yourself inked with the Scorpion zodiac sign. Happy Tattooing!

Top 10 Scorpion Tattoo Art & Designs

1. Vicious Scorpio entangles with a Scorpio Zodiac Symbol:A-scorpion-entangled-in-the-zodiac-sign1

scorpion entangled2

Tattoo art is being accepted widely by everybody nowadays as they can express who they are through beautiful tattoos, which is an extension of their inner self. Earlier tribes used to use various forms and shapes, merge them together to form one beautiful tattoo. Same could be done if you are planning to get a scorpion tattoo for yourself. Merge a vicious looking tattoo with a regular scorpion zodiac symbol to end up having a beautiful and innovative tattoo on your body. Check out the pictures to get an idea of how this tattoo idea would look!

2. An Outline of a Beautiful Scorpio:outline1


Tattoo is something which should be done in such a way that it pleases the eyes of a beholder. Be it shading or simple outlines, it should be done in a striking way or else it would be a sheer waste of art. Use lines that are unconnected to get a beautiful outline of a simple yet gorgeous looking Scorpio. This would look more beautiful if a single color (be it black or any other color) is used to create the outline.

3. Scorpio grasping a Sword:sword1


It is said that the sting of a Scorpio is as dreadful as being stabbed by a sword. So what better way to showcase the power of this creature than to get a tattoo of a Scorpio grasping a sword! This tattoo is perfect for those people who are deemed as weak by the society because of their weaker superficial appearance, but who in reality are as dreadful and powerful as this small yet mighty creature.

4. Scorpion portrayed in a Constellation of Stars:constellation1


Since all the zodiac signs are astronomically connected, it would be highly appropriate to get a Scorpio tattoo represented in the form of constellation of beautiful looking stars. The stars can be connected to each other via dots or even stars (5-point in nature) can be used to show this particular zodiac sign’s appearance in constellation. Variety of colors can be used to brighten up the appearance of the constellation and make it look more lifelike.

5. Scorpio with a 3-D Effect:3d1


3-D tattoos are gaining fan followers all around the globe. So why not use this technique to get a zodiac tattoo for yourself. Bring your Scorpio zodiac to life by getting yourself inked with 3-D Scorpio through innovative shading techniques!

6. Scorpio Tattoo in Vibrant Colors:color1


Do not get stuck with the notion that a typical Scorpio is usually black in color. Think out of the box and give life to your Scorpio tattoo by adding vibrant and lively colors to it! So do not hesitate to use colors such as gold, blue, green and even yellow to bring your zodiac to life!

7. Scorpio Tattoo Tribal in Nature:tribal1

Digital StillCamera

Give a rustic look to your Scorpio tattoo by getting it inked the Tribal way. In this way it would look intriguing as well as gorgeous on any part of the body. To get more praise consider this particular tattoo being inked on arms or lower back portion of your body!

8. A Typical Scorpion Zodiac Sign:scorpio symbol1

scorpio symbol2

What better way to show off your Scorpion zodiac sign than by getting a typical scorpio symbol inked on your body- a small “m”. This looks beautiful, be it occupying a small space or covering a huge space on your body. This tattoo looks extremely beautiful when inked with just black ink. But if you are innovative, you can try your hand at splashing different colors to give this symbol a beautiful result!

9. Scorpio merged with another sign:2 zodiacs1


Do you wish to show your love for someone in a very special way? Then get yourself inked with a design comprising of zodiacs of both you and your very special one! For example, if you are a Scorpion in love with a Leo, merge these two zodiac signs in such a way that the orientation and placement of this design doesn’t look odd, but amazing instead!

10. A Solid Black Scorpio Tattoo:solid2


Scorpio’s are deadly in nature and what makes them far more deadlier is the creepy black color of their poisonous body. So you can easily go for a solid black dangerous looking Scorpio to show off the dangerous side of yours! This particular tattoo can be of any size and can be placed anywhere- be it your wrist, foot, arms or even ankle! So pamper yourself and show off the world your zodiac by getting this Scorpio tattoo!

Now that you have gotten hold of fantastic Scorpio tattoos, what are you waiting for? Head the nearest tattoo parlor and get yourself inked with your favorite Scorpio design from the ones mentioned above! Have fun, mind the Sting!

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