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Top 10 Single Princes in the World

Single princes seem to become an extinct species these days. If they are all gone, who to dream about, I wonder? Well, there is no need to despair; there are still many young, handsome and –most importantly-royal men to choose from!  Here is a selection of 10 bachelor princes that should fit all tastes: from the exciting Orient to the distinguished royal house of Great Britain, these men will enhance your day in an instant!

1.  Prince Henry of Wales (born 1984)

After his brother’s dreamy wedding, Prince Henry (known as Harry) is today hunted by an even larger number of women who all want to “live the dream” and become princesses of England. If Kate and Diana could do it, I see no reason for which the rest of us couldn’t! What you need to do is prepare your strategy. Here are some things you should know: Prince Henry is the athletic type and he enjoys playing polo and skiing. He is a bit rebel, not so much as to be scary, but enough to “inspire” us. Moreover, in 2011 he declared himself 100% free. Line up, girls!

2. Prince Andrea Casiraghi (born 1984)

He does not officially have the title of “prince”, true. But everyone knows who he is! Second in line to the throne of Monaco, this 26 year old handsome man has “royalty” written on his forehead. Andrea is the first born of Princess Caroline of Hanover, the daughter of the regretted Grace Kelly. If you’d like to give it a try, than you should keep in mind that he speaks several languages, among which Italian and English and that he has a bachelor degree in visual arts.

3. Prince Pierre Cassiraghi (born 1987)

The younger brother of the above mentioned Andrea, Pierre Casiraghi is himself a good looking young man. He studies International Economics and Management at Bocconi University, in Milan, so here is where you can “stumble upon” him. Apparently, he likes luxury and has a costly lifestyle, as a student in Milan. You may encounter some fierce competition, because the young prince was seen with several beautiful women, in the past few years. However, he seemed more seriously involved with the young member of an aristocratic family of Milan, Beatrice Borromeo.


4.  Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammad al Makhtoum( born 1982)

One of the 21 (!!!) children of the ruler of Dubai, sheikh Hamdan is not only one of the most handsome bachelor princes “on the market”, but one of the richest as well. He is heir apparent to the throne of Dubai. He seems like a dream come true for many young women. This prince comes with a disadvantage however…if he follows the pattern of most Oriental rulers, he will probably take two or more wives, and wish to have countless children. Are you having second thoughts? Don’t worry; you are probably not the only one!

5. Prince Carl Philip (born 1979)

One of the most handsome single princes out there, Carl Philip of Sweden is absolutely too good to be true. Part of an old royal family, he is the second of 3 children and the second hair to the throne of Sweden. He is involved in a relationship with model Sofia Hellqvist, but hey, until we see that ring on his finger, he is free as a bird!

6. Prince Azim (born 1982)

Handsome prince Azim of Brunei does not seem ready to marry and settle down yet…he is known for the wild parties he throws, where he invites celebrity guests such as Sophia Lauren, Mariah Carey. Even the regretted Michael Jackson was seen taking part at such an event. However, except for the parties that may meet some disapproval, he seems like a good, sensitive guy, who likes being involved in charity projects. Apparently, prince Azim is “one of the unlucky in love people”, as he declared in an interview. This Muslim Prince was educated at Oxford Brooks and is the son of one of the richest men in the world, the sultan of Brunei, who is known to have an estimated $ 20 billion worth from oil.

7. Guillaume, Hereditary Grand Duke of Luxemburg (born 1981)

He probably is the “most single” prince here, with just one or two relationships known to public. The heir apparent to the crown of Luxembourg, Guillaume is known as being hard working and serious. He is definitely not the type of royalty who makes it to the front page of tabloids on a regular basis. As the heir apparent, he has many duties towards his country and he often represents his parents in official missions. Guillaume might play hard to get, but once a girl conquers his heart, she will probably win it for a lifetime. His younger brother, prince Félix (born 1984) is also still single.



8. Prince Amadeo of Belgium (born 1986)

The 24 years old single prince of Belgium is not only good looking, but highly educated and self supporting as well. Unlike other princes who are just living from their fathers’ wealth and have no other occupation than “being a prince” (see prince Azim), young Amadeo currently lives and works in New York. He will probably never be the king of Belgium, because he is the son of the second child of King Albert, but who needs to be a queen anyway? “Princess” sounds much better!

9. Prince Wenzeslaus of Liechtenstein (born 1974)

The most recognisable face of the Lichtenstein royal family, this bachelor royal was nicknamed “Vince the Prince” by the tabloids. The 37 years old prince doesn’t seem to like the idea of marriage, jumping from one relation to another. He became famous when he dated Victoria’s secret model, Adriana Lima, but that was years ago. Now, he is back to his low profile lifestyle, but he is not married yet.

10 Prince Philippos (born 1986)

Prince Philippos has a fancy title, featuring the names of 2 European countries. Thus, he is known as “Prince Philippos of Greece and Denmark” and he is the youngest son of the former king of Greece, Constantine II. Unfortunately for him, Philipos is a Prince Charming with no castle, because Greece is not a monarchy since 1973.




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