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Top 20: Gorgeous Techniques of wearing White Eye Liner

Are you tired of wearing the atypical black and blue colored eyeliners? And are you the kind of person who believes in the notion that only black eye liner can bring out the beauty of the eyes and make it pop out gorgeously? Then you couldn’t be more mistaken! This season, give a well deserved change to your beautiful eyes by choosing white eyeliners over the black and blue ones! Yes you heard it right! White eyeliners not only brighten up your eye, but they also make your eyes look quite unique when compared to the other women in your vicinity!

So get out of your stereotypical nutshell and opt for white eyeliners this winter to add to the beauty of your pretty eyes! In this article I would guide you with the steps of applying white eyeliners employing different techniques and with great fluidity. No need to get a pen and paper to jot down these wonderfully easily tips. All it requires is for you to take out and don your creativity hat, sit back and take note of the easy steps mentioned here. And Voila! You would be instantly transformed into a sexy damsel and that too in a jiffy! Happy Reading!

1.Get a Cat Eye:get a cat eye                                               

As mentioned above, cat eye technique can be employed by using white eyeliners as well rather than the usual charcoal and black ones! Do not be afraid of using just a white eyeliner to adorn your eyes completely. Use the white eyeliner on the upper lids of your eyes and extend it out in a sweeping motion to get the desirous cat eye look!

2.Classic Black and White Combo:classic black and white combo

Hey, nobody has prohibited you to use a black eyeliner at all! Now you can combine the black and white eyeliners to get this sassy look. All you have to do is apply a black eyeliner first on your upper lashes, followed by a white pencil liner to finish off this awesome look!

3.White at the Bottom:white at bottom

In this eye makeup technique, all you have to do is apply a beautiful waterproof black eyeliner on the upper portion of your lashes and a white glimmering pencil liner at the bottom portion of your eye, exactly in the same manner as done by you with the black liner.

4.White and Black Layers:white and black layers

Now you can be super creative by going for multiple layers of white and black eye liners to make your eyes look different and pretty. You can use the two blacks and two whites combination to get the beautiful look as seen in the picture. As you can see in the picture, Kourtney Kardashian has beautifully applied black eyeliner on her upper lashes and then topped it off with a white liner. She has repeated the same routine at the bottom portion of her eyes. This simply looks gorgeous!

5.White all the way:white all the way

If you are a daring and adventurous kind of fashion fad who can get all her guns going when it comes to extreme fashion, then this look is definitely for you. All you need to do is apply a white kohl on the upper and lower part of you lashes and then extend out a fashionable flick at the end of your eyes.

6.White at the Corner:white at the corner

By the time you reach this technique in the present tutorial, you would already be an expert in how to apply a white eyeliner with finesse. This technique employs the use of white eyeliner on the upper lashes and adding white oomph at the corner of your eye lids to brighten up your eyes.

7.Brightening Inner Corners:brightening inner corners

Now in this technique, instead of adding an oomph of white to the outer corners of your eyes, you add lots of white to the inner portion of your lids.

8.The Triple Effect:triple effect

Be inspired by Katy Perry and go for the black-white-blue effect! Use black eyeliner first on the upper lashes followed by a white pencil liner and then finishing off the look with a blue liner flick extending outwards.

9.Smudged Cat eye:smudged cat eye

Right now you must be well accustomed with cat eye makeup. Use white pencil to smudge your entire upper lid and finish it off with cat eye effect.

10.Blake Lively inspired:blake lively

In this technique add just a hint of white liner in the inner corner of the eye lids and look beautiful.

11.Metallic Eye shadow with White Liner:metallic eyeshadow

Apply metallic eye shadow on upper and lower lashes before finishing off the look with a dash of white eye liner.

12.White makes Bigger:white makes bigger

In the picture you can see how easily you can make your eyes look bigger and brighter by applying white pencil liner generously on the inner eye portion.

13.White on the Rim:white on the rim

Apply white liner on the inner rim to hide the redness of your eyes due to tiredness.

14.White filled on the upper lid:white filled on upper rim

In this technique you have to fill up the lower half portion of your upper lid with white eye liner. Make sure to use a liquid liner for this makeup technique. You can add a little white on your lower waterline as well!

15.Soft White Liner:soft white liner

Add white liner on upper portion of your eyes and smudge it out to give your eyes a subtle yet beautiful appearance.

16.The Icy Eye Look:icy eye

Use black eye liner on the upper and lower portion of your waterline and finish it off with white icy effect surrounding the black effect.

17.Champagne Eye Liner:champagne eye

If you are scared of using deep white liners then you can go for the subtle one like a champagne colored one!

18.Team it up:tem it up

Apply white liner subtly over the black liner and eye shadow and repeat the same on the lower waterline too. It definitely defines an eye.

19.Dreamy White effect:dreamy white ffect

Go all guns blazing with this all white gorgeous look.

20.White Liner Powder:white liner powder

Dab this magical white powder on the lower lid to jazz up your eyes.

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