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Top 20 Tongue Tattoo Ideas to Look Out for

Are you a daring person, challenging yourself each and every day to try something adventurous. Well if you are such kind of person, and over 18 as well, then trying out tongue tattoos are a fun way for you to challenge your extremities! This can be categorized under extreme art. But if you are not worried about the consequence of getting your tongue inked permanently, then this art form is completely apt for tattoo lovers and aficionados all around globe! But tongue tattoos are something which sounds weird and startling at first. But if you are comfortable with a permanent brand on your tongue, then this would be right up your alley.

Just make sure that you are putting this responsibility on the shoulders of a tattoo expert or else you would end up losing more than your money! So if you are up for this really daring idea then sit back and read on to know more about various best tongue tattoo designs that could be apt for your experimentation!

1. Tongue Tattoo spelling out “Dude” :Dude-Tongue-Tattoo

Dudes are friends, usually male pals. So if you have a male bud you wish to impress awfully lot, get this awesome dude inked on your tattoo on bold fonts. You can add colors if you wish too as well, totally up to you!

2. Tongue Tattoo showing off a Beautiful Clover Leaf:clover leaf

Do you believe that lucky charms really do change people’s luck? If that is so then you should definitely get this cute looking clover leaf inked on your tongue. People usually get it inked on their wrists or legs, but you can go for getting it on tongue. May be some extra luck could come your way!

3. Tongue Tattoo depicting Beautiful Mural Artwork: mural

The design depicted in the picture are usually found in cathedrals and churches and require great expertise if you are planning to get it inked on your tongue. Because fitting such an intricate design in such a small space requires mammoth skills by the tattoo artist!

4. Tongue Tattoo depicting a Cute Flower:cute flower

A flower motif on your tongue is a great idea if you are attending a kid’s birthday party and hence decide to get it painted on your tongue (temporarily of course!). Make sure the paint being used isn’t toxic! You can use this design to get a permanent tattoo on your tongue as well if you are more of a nature lover!

5. Tongue Tattoo spelling out word “OMG” :omg

OMG is an abbreviation which stands for Oh My god. This phrase is often used when a person is startled, shocked or extremely excited. So get it inked on your tongue and stick out your tongue whenever you are excited or surprised!

6. Tongue Tattoo showing a Tribal Artwork:tribal

If you are in love with everything tribal, Aztec designs et al, then do not hesitate to show your love by getting your tongue inked with tribal motifs and flaunt it wherever you go!

7. Tongue Tattoo at its Simplicity:simplicity

If you are a simple person and wish to get your tongue inked with a design that is not over the top at all and quite subtle then do not fret. Get a look at this picture where you would notice that you could barely make out the design imprinted on the wearer’s tongue! So if you wish to get a tongue tattoo and keep it hidden too, then design is apt for you.

8. Tongue Tattoo depicting a Tiger:Tiger-Tongue-Tattoo

Tiger always doesn’t denote strength, might and courage. If you are a nature and animal lover and support the cause dedicated in stopping the extinction of tigers, then you can show your love for such a cause by getting a tiger inked on your tongue!

9. Tongue Tattoo depicting a Heart:heart

Who can leave out a cute little heart when talking about various other motifs which are ink-worthy on your tongue! So if you are madly in love or a super romantic person, get a cute and simple heart on your tongue and show your love to your lover!

10.Tongue Tattoo depicting a Stick Figure:stick figure

Stick figures have been famous since the time of Neanderthal, when they used to draw humans as stick figures on the cave walls. This design has gained affection of the Emo culture as well!

11.Tongue Tattoo showing an Exclamation Mark:exclamation

If you wish to express your thoughts with some emphasis, you could get your tongue inked with an exclamation mark and stick out your tongue every time you wish to exclaim out loud!

12. Tongue Tattoo depicting a Peace Symbol:peace

Spread love and peace wherever you go by getting this creative tattoo on your tongue this instant!

13. Tongue Tattoo showing an Adorable Mushroom:mushroom

If you love eating this edible fungi, then you deserve to show it off by getting a tattoo exactly on your taste buds that is, your tongue!

14. Tongue Tattoo expressing the “Blues”:blues

If your feel down and depressed in your life, uplift yourself by getting a Blues tattoo on your tongue and challenging your worries to never bother you ever!

15. Tongue Tattoo to Tease Others:lick

This picture shows the word “Lick” inked on the wearer’s tongue. Get yourself one or something similar if you wish to tease your friends!

16. Tongue Tattoo with Cute artwork:cute

This kind of tattoo is usually done at the tip of your tongue and looks quite charming whenever you bite your tongue mistakenly!

17. Tongue Tattoo depicting a Badass Design:badass

Show your love for everything wild and creepy by getting a reptile or some other creepy animal’s design inked on your tongue.

18. Tongue Tattoo of a Tree:tree

All nature lovers should really show their love with this tattoo!

19. Tongue Tattoo faded in look:faded

Get this glamorous tattoo to show off your adorable tongue.

20. Cute Red Tongue Tattoo:cute red

Get cuter by getting this red tattoo inked on your tongue!

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