Top 5 Party Cities in the World

Where would you like to go on your next vacation? Everyone has different reasons for choosing certain destinations when making plans for a holiday. You might look for the best beaches, cultural attractions, or historical landmarks. Whatever you like to do on vacation, you can enjoy lots of different daytime activities and still soak up the nightlife as long as you know where to find the best party. Certain cities are known across the planet for having the hottest music, the coolest drinks, and most fun-loving culture.  If you’d like to know where to find the best parties before you pick your next vacation spot, check out this list of the Top 5Party Cities in the World.


#5 Barcelona

Enjoy that afternoon siesta, because you will need your strength if you want to keep up with partiers in this feisty Spanish city. Barcelona has become a hot spot for raves and techno nightclubs, and there are lots of fashionable pubs, disco bars and even “booze cruises” on riverboat bars. The party is just getting started at midnight, and cocktails keep flowing until long after the sun comes back up again.

#4 London

The capital of England is a city known for its diversity with a population made up of more foreigners than natives. This could be why there are so many different kinds of London nightclubs. You can join in the party at a gigantic super-club, or chill out in a cozy corner pub. Pound some warm beers in a grungy rock bar, or sip a dry martini at a burlesque show- there’s a bar for everybody in London!

#3 Buenos Aires

There is always some kind of festival to celebrate here that involves singing and dancing in the city streets and traipsing from one trendy bar to another. Lots of small, intimate bars with DJs, lots of live bands and electric rhythms in the jam-packed mega-clubs, and around the time day breaks you can join in an after-party for some more drinking and dancing.

#2 Paris

Vive la vie nocturne! Long live the night life! The French have made partying into an art form, just like they do everything else, from their food to their fashion. No plain, ordinary bars for them! Go looking for a place to party in Paris and you’ll be surprised at some of the places where Parisians gather to party. Whether your thing is a sophisticated cocktail with jazz music, or you like drinking shots to a wild rock beat, you will love how the French party in places like a river barge, a converted warehouse, or right on a bridge!

#1 New York City

If you really love to party any time of the day or night, then the City that Never Sleeps is the place for you! Anytime, day or night, you can find a bar or a club that’s open for business. And just like in London, there are all different kinds of bars- heavy metal cafes, opera bars, jazz clubs, mega-clubs, and college bars. All kinds of interesting people mix together in New York in a melting pot of music, laughter, dancing and drinking that puts New York City at the number one position for Best Party City in the World!

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