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The Walking Dead: 30 Scary Zombie Tattoo Designs

Are you a believer of apocalypse? If yes then you must also believe in what comes after apocalypse. Confused? I am talking about scary Zombies of course! The mere idea of a gooey, filthy and scary looking zombie walking amongst us humans is enough to bring chills down our spine! But that is a totally different story when it comes to the world of Tattoo. The tattoo lovers have gone to such extreme when it comes to getting inked with unique looking designs, so the zombie inspired tattoos aren’t far away! Yes, the tattoo lovers have even tapped the world of Zombie and love getting inked with these scary creatures!

But all the credit goes to the skilled tattoo artists who efficiently bring these dangerous and creepy creatures to life through their tattoo making skills! What more, now you can easily scare the living daylights out the people around you through your hollow eyed and squishy looking zombie. Let us have a look at some of the most popular zombie designs and hope they are enough to inspire you to get your very own!

1.Zombie from the Graveyard:graveyard

This tattoo shows that this scary zombie has just risen from its grave and is ready to kill any human it comes across! The most beautiful aspect of this tattoo is the great shading technique employed by the tattoo artist!

2.The Geisha Zombie:geisha zombie

The geisha’s are usually beautiful but when one turns into a filthy zombie, this is how a geisha would look! Hats off to the intriguing imagination of the tattoo artist!

3.The Mask of the Dead:mask

Scare all your friends by getting inked with this super awesome mask of a zombie which looks quite artistic!

4.Shaded Zombie Art:shaded

The shading employed in this zombie tattoo makes the dead creatures look really scary.

5.The Queen of the Zombies:queen

The tattoo here shows the queen of the zombie clan showing off her scary oriental looks quite effortlessly which makes this tattoo look mindboggling!

6.Horrific Zombie Tattoo:horrific zombie

This zombie sleeve tattoo is quite horrifying to look at and looks extremely creepy! A zombie combined with the Devil succeeds in creeping out every onlooker!

7.A Beautiful Green Zombie:beautiful green

Who said zombies cannot be beautiful? The tattoo artist here has successfully inked a beautiful looking green zombie which makes one wonder how can they look so pretty and yet exhibit scary nature at the same time.

8.Wish to Scare Zombie:wish to scare

The wearer here has inked her upper arm with this zombie just for the fun of scaring off her friends.

9.Squishy Zombie effect:squishy

Have a look at these squishy disgusting zombies and you would surely throw up! Hats off to the wearer for getting it permanently for himself!

10.Zombie in Blood:in blood       

One needs to be really brave to get inked with such a creepy and horrid looking zombie permanently.

11.Zombies with two heads:two heads

As if one head was not enough, now tattoo lovers are going for zombies with two scary heads!

12.The Screaming Zombie:screaming

A zombie screaming like this would surely make any human scream and scram for his life!

13.The Gooey Zombie:gooey

This frightening tattoo comprises of a zombie which is green and gooey and also possess really disgusting teeth! Really scary.

14.Zombie with the Blood:zombie with blood

Here you can see a zombie which is badly squashed and hence oozing squishy blood all over the floor! This is quite a colorful and artistic tattoo.

15.Terrifying Zombie Tattoo:terrifying

This tattoo shows a green colored zombie which surely succeeds in being depicted as the most gory and scaring people off easily.

16.Zombie Vampire:vampire

Here you can see the zombie as a vampire who has just risen from her place of resting to suck human blood all night long!

17.Zombie with the Goodies:with goodies

Imagine the creativity of the tattoo artists who through this tattoo shows a horrifying and decaying zombie holding a tray filled with horrific goodies. This sure is artistic and disgusting both at the same time.

18.The Punk Zombie:punk

In this tattoo you can see the zombie sporting a Mohawk haircut which looks simply awesome and mind blowing.

19.Hello Kitty Zombie:hello kitty

Ever imagined how something as cute and lovely as a Hello Kitty would look like if she turned into a gory zombie? Have a look at this picture and your question will be adequately answered.

20.Yellow eyed Zombie:yellow eyed

The bulging yellow eyes on this zombie looks quite creepy and terrifying.

21.Danny Trejo Zombie:danny trejo

Danny Trejo is the antagonist in Hollywood movies and would make an awesome zombie too!

22.The Masked Zombie:the masked zombie

This zombie lady is the epitome of beauty and seems ready to break hearts and suck blood wherever she goes!

23.Simply Green Zombie:simply green

At first look this girl looks as simple as any other girl. But wait till you get a closer look. She is a zombie!

24.Green Slushy Muck:green slushy

The tattoo here shows a disgusting looking zombie with an equally disgusting looking slushy muck falling off his horrid body! Now that is one disgustingly artistic tattoo.

25.Zombies with Bows:with bows

Have you ever imagined a combination of zombies, cute little bows and ribbons? Sounds weird right? Right it is! And yiu can see how the effect when combined looks like in this picture.

26.The Dying Zombie:dying zombie

Going by this picture, the zombie lady here is almost dying and the effects added by the tattoo artist sure looks awesome.

27.Incapicated Zombie:incapicated

As the name itself depicts, here you can see the severed gory head of a disgusting zombie. This tattoo sue to its gory details is surely a masterpiece.

28.A Haphazard Zombie:haphazard

This crooked and mischievous looking zombie is quite scary. But the way the colors have been used to fill up this tattoo makes this one a really great zombie tattoo work.

29.The Two Zombies:two zombies

This tattoo artistically shows how the body looked when it died and how gorily it transformed into a blood sucking, life devouring zombie.

30.Zombie with Style:with style

Isn’t this quite a stunner?

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