What is HydraFacial treatment, and what could it do for your skin?

Did you know that somewhere in the world, a HydraFacial treatment is performed every 15 seconds? I know, it’s shocking! This means that there are around 2 million HydraFacial treatments every year. Now, you may be wondering to yourself why so many people are signing up for such a treatment, and just what is it? Well, the answer is because it is a facial. It is a facial that is the perfect thing for rejuvenating your skin. That is why you should be ready to give it a try. Here is exactly why.

What is a hydrafacial?

A hydrafacial is essentially a face mask that incorporates a peel, microdermabrasion and hydration techniques. However, unlike most facials, a hydrafacial will actually use a medical suction device that can pull out dirt, sebum and oil whilst also moisturising and exfoliating your skin. The device is also known as a “pore vacuum.”

The Treatment

So, a hydrafacial treatment works by removing dead skin cells and excess sebum from the skin. It then cleanses the flesh by mixing salicylic and glycolic acid together. This concoction will break up any remaining dirt and oil that is clogging up your pores. Once this stage has been completed then your practitioner will then use the suction cap to pull out the remaining dirt and to sooth your skin. You need to make sure that the hydration does not inadvertently dry out your skin, which is why the suction pen is so good for keeping your skin at a healthy balance.

Brilliant for all skin types

No matter what sort of skin type you have, you will find that a hydrafacial is the perfect way to refresh your look. Not only is it great for oily skin, as it will “pull” out excess sebum, but you will also find that dry skin will be revitalised with the latest enzyme hydration creams. Make sure you understand what your skin type is before you undergo the treatment. That way you can make sure that your treatment is fully tailored to you and your skin needs. For instance, if you choose facial aesthetics by Ten Dental  then these can be altered to suit any skin problems, such as rosacea, psoriasis or acne.

Great for old skin

Forget about your skin type for a moment – everyone in the world gets wrinkles. But a hydrafacial might be your answer to making them disappear. Although the treatment does cause a little redness, the customized serums are more likely to hydrate and reduce the appearance of lines, crow’s feet and basic wrinkles. You will feel younger in no time.

Consistent results

One of the best things about a hydrafacial treatment is the fact that it comes up with very consistent results. Whilst there can be a bit of inflammation of the skin, you can get the same vibrant look every time. Just make sure that you don’t irritate your skin after the procedure and instead allow it to absorb the nutrients and enzymes that are in treatment.

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