What Item to Buy the Boyfriend Who is Fashion Savvy

It’s not always easy to have a boyfriend who’s more stylish than you. Sometimes it can make you feel insecure when everyone’s looking at him rather than you. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t appreciate his refined and understated tastes. 

There are some challenges when it comes to holiday shopping for your a stylish boyfriend. While you might be a fashionable woman, the menswear department can seem like a foreign concept. Get to know your boyfriend’s style before heading out to the store.

Ask what he would like to get for Christmas if money wasn’t an object. Keep in mind that he may rattle off some expensive items that may be out of your budget. That can be one of the pitfalls of dating a fashionable man. They tend to have expensive taste. Here are some gifts that will make any fashionable man pleased this holiday season.

Cardigan Sweater 

The cardigan sweater is the perfect layering piece for every season. Your boyfriend may prefer a cardigan that features a zipper pull and is made out of durable material. But it’s still fashionable enough to pair with all of his designer pieces. Choose a sweater in olive or heather gray that complements the colors of his shirts. The coziness of the sweater will make him think of you.

Classic White Sneakers 

There’s a chance he may already own a pair of tennis sneakers. He probably pairs them with everything from his work clothes to his Sunday clothes. But not all white sneakers are made the same. If you’re on a budget, a pair from Converse, Sperry, or Sam Smiths will do the trick. All three shoes are affordable stylish alternatives.

Dating a country boy? Maybe he would be happy with a pair of Ariat men’s square toe cowboy boots instead. He’ll feel ready to head to the nearest rodeo or square dancing party in these boots. Most fashionable men love to wear cowboy boots because it’s different than anything they own.

The Classic T-Shirt 

Your fashion savvy boyfriend can’t go wrong without the classic white T-shirt. He might be fashionable, but he might need to update the T-shirts in his collection. A lot of fashionable men wear T-shirts under their button-down shirts. They can never have too many.

If the price is too expensive it’s because the shirt is made out of Pima cotton. They last longer than traditional T-shirts due to their softness. These tees never lose their shape no matter how many times they’ve been washed.

A New Backpack 

There’s nothing better than getting a new backpack. You should get your boyfriend one from his favorite brand. But some guys aren’t willing to give up their old backpacks or messenger bags. They make do with what they got. If you buy him a bag from his favorite designer, he’ll forget about that sack he’s been carrying around.

A New Gym Bag 

If your boyfriend works out a lot then he could use a new gym bag. Choose one that comes in a classic style such as a duffel bag that will last him for years to come. It’s big enough to carry his clothing, shoes, accessories, and more. The best thing about this bag is that he can use it as an overnight bag when he sleeps over your house. It’s a good excuse to get him to sleep over.

A Graphic T-Shirt 

Buy a tee that he would never consider buying himself. Just like trendy women, fashionable men have certain T-shirts they can’t get enough of. They can’t outgrow them, no matter much they try. If you know your boyfriend’s style and know what looks good on him, then get him a graphic T-shirt. There’s nothing better than getting a gift he’d never pick out for himself.

A Jacket for All Seasons 

Get him a stylish jacket he’ll want to wear all year long. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on one either. Choose a jacket that’s well-made and comes from durable, but natural materials. Don’t go for the boring black. Choose a jacket in olive green, charcoal gray, or navy blue that comes with details such as zippered pockets or a plaid lining.

This is just a list of items you can get your fashionable boyfriend for Christmas. Remember to keep his style preferences in mind while sticking to your budget. You don’t need to blow your paycheck in order to make him happy.

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