What Your Style Says About You

Accessories can come in a variety of styles and uses.  They can be for the single purpose of what it is designed for, such as a watch that only tells time; or they can be so multipurpose that we find ourselves eliminating items in our daily routine and consolidating.  An accessory that is a one for all purposes can be priceless on various fronts.  But in the whole big picture what does the accessory ultimately say about you.  What can a simple item such as a watch change or add to your style.  Can it make you seem more interesting or even become a topic of conversation with a strange that in turn may become a friend.

Having another purpose as well, accessories can be items that really do define us socially, categorically, by gender race or economic standing just to name a few.  Just a glance of what one is wearing, using or even what they may be shopping around for is noticed by all involved at the glance.  It can become the newest item that you search for through stores or online investing countless hours or research.  So what is best and simplistic enough to fit all styles of life and also be affordable. Is there an item that can be an end all do all and still be reasonably sensable across the board.

The variations available in one such item can be the watch.  The many styles, sizes, purposes and of course availability seems to be endless.  They are a fashion statement in some respects as the diamond is a symbol of strength or it may just be the perfect color and size to go with outfit of the day or night.  They may even be designed to go with a specific lifestyle or look.  They are ever changing to meet what one’s lifestyle creates.  Some keep you healthy and remind you what you have done for the day towards that and others may allow you to see what is in your refrigerator or tell you when the wash or drying is complete.

Making accessories fit your style and even accentuate your body is an art.  It is a way of speaking without saying a word.  The ability to fit in just by saying I am hip and trendy and know the latest in fashion and am not afraid to be bold and daring. Offering the ultimate in luxury to be a sure stand out maybe even a wear and share item.  Accessories can be a wear and share item.  Years ago the male/female closet or jewelry box never crossed paths and now they seem joined at the hip.

Often times it’s good to remember a little bit goes a long way.  Never try to make a drastic change or even to make one item be the sole focus.  Always spread your look to incorporate all of you.  Something that you can go from a morning workout, then to work and ending with a dinner in town that you never have to think about change or take off can easily become a invaluable to you.  Make it be priceless with the right choice and style always.

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