Why Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend

“A diamond is forever,” says the iconic advertisement slogan that I believe most of the world has heard throughout the years. The sight of that commercial is quick to create feelings of wanting love in a young woman or any age for that matter. The beautiful silhouette of a woman’s hand along with a man placing a diamond ring is one of the most iconic images in advertising history and rightfully so; it provides results. Commercials, movies, and print media always seem to come out with the slogan “diamonds are a women’s best friend” every year during Valentine’s day and Christmas. However, have we really thought about what truly makes a diamond a women’s best friend? I mean diamonds cannot emotionally support you nor are they a real person, so why has this type of marketing worked for so many years? We believe that diamonds are truly a women’s best friend, and here a few of our points to hopefully get our point across in a clear and consistent manner that will ultimately prove that diamonds are a women’s best friend.

The Rarity of Diamonds

Diamonds are one of the most precious and rare gems on Earth, which convey a sense of rarity in love itself on Earth. Rarity is one of the most prevalent selling points because not only does it showcase the value that men have on women, but also the rarity that comes with love being apart of the equation as well. Often men will push the rarity factor by having jewelers custom make diamond rings for their future wives or girlfriends. This is an excellent idea to really show how unique your love is for her. Diamonds Forever San Diego is one of the locations used most commonly for gathering and creating such ideas.

The Characteristics of a Diamond

Think about it, diamonds are one of the hardest substances in the world. They also are one of the longest lasting. There is no secret why diamonds are often correlated with love. Receiving a diamond is a concrete symbol of a love that is promised to last forever. Before you go off searching for the right diamond for your girl, remember she’ll most probably be showing that diamond off everywhere, from her social media page all the way throughout her bachelorette party, so choose wisely.

The memories they hold

Not many people know this, but the tips of a record player needle are made of diamond. That is how we’ve heard some of the most romantic music for years and what has created memories in the lives of many happy couples as well. Diamonds are also well known for their lasting value and appearance. They are like a best friend that will never leave a woman and that she can pass on to her children when she’s no longer around. So whenever you get your diamond, don’t lock it up in a box somewhere and forget about it. Wear it often and grow your memories along with it.

The Price of a Diamond

Love is not about money, but it says something when a man who has no interest in diamonds or spending so much money on them, invests in buying a woman one. Women want concrete evidence that a man is worthy enough to be a part of their life. Being presented with a diamond signifies a seriousness of his intended plans with you. Diamonds are, needless to say, quite expensive, so the ability of a man to provide one for a woman can also be a symbol of the promise of a man to be able to take care of her in the future. Financial stability is a huge indicator of a strong future relationship. Money should not be the only thing that matters, but because of the statistical facts that have been seen over the years, it is important in a relationship. Data shows that most marriages end because of internal fighting after going through financial hardships.

Whether you believe it or not, diamonds are truly a woman’s best friend. They provide everything that is needed in a strong relationship, such as clarity, long-lasting commitment and financial stability.

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